What is the Cheapest Juice Cleanse?

What is the cheapest juice cleanse?

What’s your favorite type of fruit juice?

I’m asking about juice cleanses.

Buy two gallons of cheap apple juice that’s full of fiber, and you’re good to go.

That sounds too simplistic.

OK, get several bottles of prune juice.

That’s what my grandparents would do.

Then it is a time honored tradition.

I’ve heard of people drinking coconut water, aloe vera juice and other juices for a colon cleanse.

Those juices do work. Aloe vera contains a natural laxative, while coconut is high in fiber.

So which should I get?

Whatever juice you can stand to drink by the gallon. And you need to drink water or other juices during the cleanse to avoid getting dehydrated.

I’ve heard that there are a lot of options in that regard.

Any juice that’s low in fiber is a good option, when you’re done flushing your system out and need to get rehydrated.

I’ve heard that you can use sports drinks, green goddess smoothies and health drinks.

Low sugar grape juice, orange juice or pear juice are just as healthy when you’re getting rehydrated, and they’re really cheap.

Not orange juice. There is a blight on the orange juice crop making the price of real OJ sky high.

So drink low sugar fruit punch. Or buy whatever seasonal fruit is on sale and use that juicer in your pantry.

You’re putting a lot of trust in old fashioned juices.

You’re buying into the latest and greatest marketing for exotic, expensive juices when plenty of high fiber, low cost juices are already sitting on the grocery store shelf.

The green goddess smoothie isn’t expensive.

You’re right, since you can buy spinach, kale, carrots and a little citrus rather cheaply. Drinking it, that’s the challenge.

What do you think is the cheapest option?

Eat a couple pounds of greens, then drink the water they were boiled in. I think that’s both cheap and green.

Even the water will be green.


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