What Is Hoodia and How Can It Reduce My Calorie Intake?

Hoodia is used in weight loss supplements. Is comes from South Africa and is extracted from a cactus like plant. Although cactus looking, the plant itself is not actually a cactus.

Hoodia works like this. The P57 that is found in the hoodia extract affects the hypothalamus in the brain.

This part of the brain takes the message from your body that your blood sugar is low and tells you eat by giving you that hungry feeling that you get. When these levels stabilise the ‘hungry’ feeling is taken away.

What P57 does is stabilise blood glucose levels for longer meaning you do not feel hungry as often. This is how the appetite suppressant effect works with Hoodia. From there you can see how weight loss is achieved.

By feeling hungry less often, you eat less and therefore take in less calories. Of course not eating at all is bad for you but as each day passes you can easily eat 1500 calories a day less. Here is how that is possible…

Breakfast – 200

By eating a smaller portion you can half your breakfast calories intake easily by 300 calories.

Mid Morning Snack – 400

You won’t feel hungry in the morning so you won’t have that snack you would normally eat.

Lunch – 200

As with breakfast, you will be more satisfied with a smaller portion.

Dinner – 400

Again, a smaller portion will suffice.

Evening – 400

As bedtime approaches you won’t be tempted to eat something quick and easy before bed.

So as you can see the benefits of Hoodia in weight loss.

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