What If I Can’t Fit In The Lean And Green Meal On Medifast?

People sometimes contact me and ask me what happens if they happen to skip their daily lean and green meal on Medifast. Sometimes, these questions involve cheating and sometimes they don’t. I recently heard from someone who said: “I’m an accountant and during tax time, I’m forced to skip dinner a lot. This is when I normally have my lean and green meal. And there’s really just no way around this. I just do not have the time to stop what I am doing and make a healthful meal. It’s not like I’m cheating. I don’t eat any dinner at all on these evenings. But I’m wondering what would be the right thing to do when I have to skip meals. Should I try to take in extra calories the next day or just forget about it and move on?”

Another example is something like “my coworkers asked me out to lunch the other day. This is usually when I eat my lean and green meal, but I didn’t want to be rude so I just ate a restaurant meal. And I wanted a burger with fries so that is exactly what I ordered. I don’t do this often, but sometimes, you just have to enjoy yourself. What should I do now? Should I skip a meal or two the next day to make up for the extra calories?” I’ll answer these questions in the following article.

What’s The Deal If You Skip Your Lean And Green And Then Cheat?: It’s my opinion that you shouldn’t skip any meals the next day to make up for your cheating. Just do better the next day and move on. The reason that skipping meals isn’t a great idea is that Medifast is already a low calorie diet and you need enough steady fuel to get and stay in ketosis. You’re not doing yourself any favors by skipping meals.

What If You’re Not Cheating But You Miss Your Lean And Green Because Your Are Busy And Can’t Fit It In?: Don’t beat yourself up too badly. As in the example above, just try to move on the next day. There is no reason to double up on meals the next day or to have to go to any more trouble. But as I mentioned above, skipping meals isn’t a good idea, even when you’re dieting and even when you are busy. In the future, you can always shift your lean and green to a more convenient time (like breakfast) or you can carry a Medifast bar or ready to drink shake with you so at least have something to eat. And, you could always meet your lean and green criteria with a very carefully chosen frozen dinner or take out meal. Many people do not realize this, but it’s true. All you really need for a lean and green is 5 -7 ounces of lean protein and 3 vegetables. This is easily accomplished in any number of ways, including take out salads or frozen stir fries. This way, your not skipping meals and you’re getting that main, fresh meals into your schedule. Make things easy on yourself and don’t worry too much about what has already happened in the past. Just do better in the future.

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