What I Eat in a Day – (Vegan, Plant Based, Oil-Free, Low-Fat)

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This is our first official What I Eat in a Day video, so we thought we would take you through a normal day in our life when it comes to food. We live in a van, so have a tiny kitchen without an oven. This means, for the most part, we keep what we eat very simple – lots of oatmeal, salads, soups, and stews around here.

Lou recently finished a 7 day water fast to manage his Rheumatoid Arthritis and ever since then we are very focused on keeping our diet as health-promoting as possible. That is why we eat a low fat, oil-free vegan diet. It’s all plant-based, filled with lots of leafy greens, sprouts, whole grains, starchy vegetables, and fresh fruit.

I wrote a blog post that gives a bit of an intro into our style of healthy eating with a recipe for our oatmeal too. Please check it out if you are interested in learning more 🙂 — www.wildweroam.com/blog/what-i-eat-in-a-day-vegan-no-oil-lowfat

Thanks for watching!

– Dana

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  • What about protein???

  • Ok, I know this video is a year ago… And first off all, thank you both so much for the wonderful inspiration from this channel! I was wondering, how about groceries. How often did you go for fresh veggies? How to storage them, keep them fresh, what did you eat when they are finished and you haven't got the chance to do groceries again etc? Thanks in advance!

  • So much food wowzers

  • I tried to do the vegan/vegetarian thing for a while and really cut down on the meat to achieve this goal. At the time I my activities included jogging, kickboxing, kayaking, sailing, and working out at the gym. I lost a lot of condition and found myself getting weaker in strength and endurance as I cut out the meat. I tried protein powders but they could not replace the proteins found in meat. When I got back onto the meat my strength increased dramatically. Ironically a number of guys I knew who trained hard ate the vegan salads WITH meat and enjoyed the best of both worlds.

  • Slave food! You look like a cancer patient!

  • dry and unseasond whew😶

  • Great Video, have a Wonderful, Sunday, love, Diana Lipski 💕

  • Your Videos are beautiful, I just discovered your channel! This Video was so interesting and fun, thanks! I started eating about 95% vegan two years ago and I enjoy it so much! A few months ago I started reading more about healthy eating and discovered nutritionfacts and the daily dozens from Dr. Gregor, which made me aware of how great legumes and nuts and seeds seem to bei for us. I now try to eat especially legumes (they are so cheap! :)) With every meal and I Love it! Hope you have a lovely time after selling the Van! 🤩

  • This is the first video I saw of yours- I love how simple your plant based meals are. I hate watching videos (to get ideas for meals) that are so complex! I just want to see real and simple meals that people actually eat on a daily basis. Even leftovers!

  • Y’all are so cute! Watching your video made me smile.

  • Would love to see more vids like this it’s great!

  • Are you guys sneaking in snicker bars because if you really eat that way how are you both chubby

  • My biggest problem is that I'm allergic to a ton of things, like many fresh fruits and veggies, as well as many nuts… so healthy eating is extremely complicated for me… I'm seriously allergic to raw carrots, celery, apples, cherries, plums, and walnuts, cashews, pecans, and a lot more. I seriously wish these videos could apply to me, bu I just have way too many allergies.

  • Black strap molasses is a great source of iron too!

  • Love your lifestyle. This made me think about mine and the chanyes I would love to do…. ❤

  • So you boil the water in a kettle to minimize dishes.. you instead use two bowls(4 in total) instead of just one pot.. Makes sense 😛

  • As a medical professional and a leukemia patient I'm going to throw this out there. The human body NEEDS some exogenous healthy fat. Olive oil, avocados,etc. Without it your metabolism slows and your brown fat stores actually increase. Additionally, seasoning and sodium will increase the pleasure of eating your otherwise exceptional diet and decrease boredom and possibly losing interest in maintaining the diet. Longevity studies again and again show the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest. It absolutely includes healthy fat in moderation. My disease is in remission and my health is due in large part to diet, exercise, meditation and happiness. I don't go overboard with too much or not enough. Just a thought…. I love your channel and wish you joy.

  • All sorts of beans, chickpeas and lentils- they are super cheap and can be done in pressure cooker in no time. Try to change white rice with wholegrain. And when you want to step out of routine try millet, buckwheat, spelt, barley. Both grains or grits. Grains can be added in soup pots with tons of veggies. Corn grit makes "polenta" which is good as leftover food as well. Love what you are doing- l live my dreams through your adventures. Greetings from Slovenia.
    Happy life to both of you.

  • You guys are the cutest couple I have ever watched on you tube. Anyway pls I beg you reconsider your diet. Eventually it will harm your healh. I strongly suggest you intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet.

  • Yuck lol. You guys need to cook.

  • It's funny how you guys eat, both take a bite leaning forwards, say mmmm and lean back. In sync!! @3:18

  • I’m happy I found this channel randomly. It’s scary doing what your heart calls for.

  • K B

    Where do you store all of your utensils and food? I have a small kitchen also and find it really hard to make space

  • Your channel and this video really inspires me-I had your oatmeal for breakfast and a similar salad for dinner-delicious and it felt good to know I was putting gods fuel into my body-would love to see more recipe inspired videesu😃❤️👍

  • You're such a cutie pie and funny… I use my hands when I cook for me and my Hubby and kiddos too! lololol I swear when my kids grow up and move out me and my hubby are van life-in it in retirement!!! 😀

  • R J

    Would it be at all possible to do a video of how well the toilet is working out and may be what you would do different if you where to build a buddy for Ody.

  • R J

    My son has been vegan for years and I love the food we have tried of his. I would likely have no problem doing vegan as a life style if I had some one to cook it for us BUT it really takes a lot of effort /prep on our part and in my retirement I have become lazy also I really love bacon, steak and a hamburgers. All the foods that you prepare really do look yummy.

  • a spun of extra virgin olive oil per day is a must for the health

  • Love that you guys are vegan, and I truly enjoy all your videos!

  • Y'all are awesome. Random: where did you get those wood bowls? I've been looking for the perfect ones and can't find any and yours look perfect!

  • You are fooling yourself. You are going to have high blood sugar eating all that starch.

  • Dietary fat is essential. This is a foolish diet.

  • Love your travels and plant based life! With love from a fellow YouTuber who also leads a plant based life 🙂 BTW, your videos on Greece are awesome. I am Greek myself and lived there for 3 years running a windsurfing school.

  • What about taste? Plain rice and plain potato have ZERO flavor. It's like eating to exist. No enjoyment. Help me understand that please. Seriously asking.

  • Nope didn’t work me after six weeks I just had to quit the vegan diet as it just inflamed and exacerbate my arthritis in my knees into another threshold level of pain and I was reduced taking ridiculous amounts of opiates. I'll now try the polar opposite ketogenic diet (apparently there is little or no inflammatory food in that diet but it's hard to do) and see if that helps my arthritis, if not it’s new knees (shudder).

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