What I Ate Today // Low Calorie Density Diet

You can fill your plate, never count calories and still lose weight when you follow the rules of a low calorie density diet. For more videos on how I lost 30+ pounds eating this way, check out this playlist I made with all of my videos on this topic:

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  • This was so soothing to watch and listen to. I love that there was no music in the background

  • Cauliflower smoothie. Never heard of that, in my 52 years. Love your videos though.

  • You said if one wants to take the low calorie density approach seiously, the one should limit the amount of tofu. But isn't tofu pretty low calorie dense, as well? I thought that beans are even higher than tofu..

  • I once read the ingredients on flavored tea bags and they used "natural flavors." My understanding is that just means chemical, artificial substances. Have you looked into this? I personally stopped buying items with natural flavors as an ingredient.

  • I think it’s helpful to see how much you eat because I’m scared to eat too much and gain weight. I know you supposedly can not gain fat from carbs but I feel like I’m gonna be that one person who’s good at de novo lipogenesis lol and the whole calories in calories out thing cause I can easily eat over 2000 calories even of Whole Foods 🙈

  • Just had the b
    And berry and spinach smoothie loved it even the other half liked it and hooray hit 18,kilo weight loss so far

  • Do you use brown sugar or maple syrup?

  • So, when eating a meal like the salad…should we just eat until we have a full feeling? I heard you say you would eat right out of the mixing bowl…I think that makes me a bit nervous that I would “overeat”. Is this a concern when eating low calorie dense, or not much of a big deal…as far as weight loss goes? Thank you for your videos!

  • Thank goodness – someone who finally makes sense in their presentation. Thank you so much.

  • When I eat oatmeal it wakes up my appitite !!!! Then all I do is eat all day. Don't know why.

  • thank you Melissa…. I always end up hungry with the oatmeal, because I hear 1/2 cup and 1/2 a banana, so I really appreciate you pointing out the fact that we can have more and still lose or maintain weight

  • How Many grams is 1 and a half cup oats

  • Do you have any videos on food sensitivities and bloating?

  • You can also freeze dollops of pumpkin to add to smoothies 🤤

    Love your videos, they are beautiful and encouraging!

  • Just a curiosity, why do you eat almost no fat? The healthy ones are so important!

  • My potato microwavable pouch is my bff! Haha I just pop my potatoes in the pouch an microwave then boom done no more having to wait for the oven! Great videos! Im def subscribing!

  • Did you experience any hair loss on this diet while you were losing the weight?

  • Just tried some new things from Trader Joe’s that are sooooo good on my Japanese sweet potatoes. Whole grain Dijon mustard AND organic sweet and spicy mustard sauce. Gives that charcuterie fun taste! Without the meat and cheese

  • Your meals are so easy and beautiful!

  • Thank you again, everything looks very amazing and definitely doable. I actually found out about you from Regedited, thankful for you both, and we have those exact same large white bowls at home. They're awesome to fill with healthy balanced meals as what you both share. I remain grateful and look forward to viewing more of your Channel at some point. 😊✨🙏🏽

  • Just an observation that your infographic at the beginning of the video says "No packaged or processed foods" yet this is misleading since even items like rice, frozen fruit, oats, tofu, lentils etc are technically "processed" and packaged.
    Probably better to say hyper-palatable foods rather than processed.

  • love this! I also recently discovered putting baked squash pieces into my oatmeal. So yummy with cinnamon!

  • Same with smoothies. Dr. Lisle says smoothies or anything processed by steel teeth can keep weight on your body. We should aim for whole fruits and vegetables and starches in their whole form

  • Looks yummy! If oatmeal doesn’t fill you up, people can add some fat and protein, like peanut or nut butter. Or try a lower carb breakfast, not everyone does well with high carb meals 👍

  • Your voice and presentation is so calming, thank you. Would coconut milk be another of those foods to avoid during weightloss and maybe added in after? It's fairly high fat, right?

  • Omg what is that chopping tool you used?

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