WHAT I ATE TODAY – Easy, Low Calorie Density Meals

Hey Guys! I filmed everything I ate in a day on a low calorie dense, plant based diet. If you’re wanting to lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight without counting calories, this is a very healthy way to do so! …and you get to eat delicious, filling meals!

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Mentioned in this video:
ENZO Stevia (My Fave!)

Other Videos in this playlist:
Why I don’t believe in “moderation” and weight loss:

Calorie Density : How I lost 25 pounds and keep it off:

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How to Lose weight without losing your mind by Dr. Doug Lisle:

Well Your World Oil-Free Low Fat What I Eat In A Day:

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Why “Emotional Eating” Doesn’t Exist (Super Interesting!)

Dr. Jeff Novick : How to Eat More, Weight Less and Live Longer ( All about Calories Density with Examples! ):

No Oil! Not even olive oil:

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