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  • I'm Swedish and WASA is an amazing brand. I love most of their stuff. They have more whole grain things than the crisp bread you showed, but I'm not sure if its in the american market.

  • U r awesome haha xox

  • If you feel like snacking you can get a bag of low fat Orville Redenbaucher popcorn for 20 calories. sprinkle your favorite seasonings and you have a big bowl of popcorn for 50 calories. See, all of the meals I mentioned are low in calories and fat, high in protein and filling. I am an athlete and love making those meals a few hours before a game, then after the game I refuel with a smoothie of cantalope, kiwi, watermelon, low calorie vanilla youghurt, and protein powder for 150 calories max.

  • You can get a 1/4 of a red and green pepper, sautee them with a 1/4 of an onion and a teaspoon of olive oil for 75 calories. take 2 small corn tortillas and toast them in a pan for 50 calories. throw in a dozen shrimps seasoned with paprika and fresh garlic for 75 calories or less (depending on the size of the shrimps). Or you could use snow crab meat without butter. Squeeze some lime/lemon which both have practically no calories. And you have 2 filling tacos for 200 calories or less!

  • I'm sorry but that is an absolute waste of 200 calories. For 200 calories you can have 24 slices of ham. If you go to your grocery store and buy the thinly shaved slices of ham in water, 6 slices is 50 calories. So, 1 slice of whole wheat oat bread is 35 calories. A drizzle of honey mustard is 15 calories. 1/4 of a cup of fresh skim mozzarella cheese is 50 calories (the mozzaralla that comes in a ball with water). Then you can add 12 slices of ham 100 calories, and fold the bread. 200 calories.

  • I am fighting the battle of the bulge. Forgot all about tuna. Thanks, this looks great, going to give it a try.

  • If you like cilantro, red wine vinegar, onion, garlic powder, and green pepper, this is how I make mine. Sometimes I add a very small amount of mayo and lemon too. Yours looked tasty.

  • …..lol….i can remember times when i would be too hungry to fix my food….lol…i know it sounds crazy but its so true….lol….i never thought about tuna…i tried eating it just plain…and didn't like it….but now i'm going to try it this way…maybe without the mayo though…i need something i can just throw together that is still healthy eating….

  • You could make a nice, hefty sandwhich for the same amount of calories. Healthy Choice sliced bread, 35 calories a slice x 2 = 70 calories. Oscar Meyer Healthy Choice Coldcuts, a serving of 4 slices of turkey or ham = 50 calories. So far we got bread and meat covered at 120 calories total. Slice of low-fat cheese/swiss, 45 calories = 165 calories. A good portion of lettuce, slice tomato = 180 calories. Light mayo or even regular puts you right about 200 cals.

  • thank u soo much! this is great I love the nice choices!

  • keep up with making good choices.


  • Add some veggies like celery to your tuna mix.

  • Wow I can't thank you enough, I used your recipe on a wide scale as finger food at a function I hosted and they loved it.

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