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I am back!!!! Sorry for being MIA however life is busy at the moment. I filmed this meal prep several weeks ago and have only just found the time to edit and upload. This week I prepped 4 receipes for the week ahead – lasagne, pizza pasta bake, cheese burger pasta bake and teriyaki mince. The receipes are all really easy and the family (including my 2 boys) enjoyed them and have made them again since filming this video.

Pizza bake –

Cheese burger bake –

Teriyaki beed –

ABOUT ME – I am a working mum (out of the house) of 2 boys (6 and 9) and started doing YouTube as a bit of a creative outlet and to meet new friends online. Please comment on my videos if there is anything you would like to know.

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  • I like your videos. New sub!

  • Jo

    When I see recipes asking for tomato sauce and they are from USA I use tomato paste so I am interested in how it tasted

  • My kids are 29 and 31, and I always did a once a month freezer prep with kids helping me. Love your channel! Reminds me of happy times with little hands. Now I get to do this to help with my grandkids!

  • I’m a working Mum, and try to meal prep when I can. It’s awesome on a busy night or when I am tired to grab a ready made meal out of the freezer & pop it in the oven. Loved the vid, some great ideas there 🙂

  • Great meals and love the idea about the foil containers to save on washing up.
    I use to watch Jemmells large family cooking on you tube too even though I have a small family😃
    Do you have a large family?
    I love using taste.com.au for recipes as they have reviews and you can create a free account to save your recipes that you like into a cookbook.
    Would love to see more videos like this.

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