Vegan Health – CALORIE DENSITY & METABOLISM – Stop counting calories!

Too many of us are stuck counting calories or portioning and weighing food. Understanding calorie density can change all that overnight. This one concept will change your entire understanding of weight loss. No more restricting, no more counting calories. Hope you like the video!

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  • This was an excellent explanation thank you

  • I've just found your channel and YES. No calorie counting, thank goodness, I can not count calories, I get myself in a complete muddle (I'm crap at maths).
    I've also looked into keto but Ive recently found that putting Murdered animals in my mouth repellent. Absorbing suffering. Its been difficult because I'm so used to the meat veg tatas diet. Dairy is a BIG challenge but I'm getting there.
    Plus keto is stupid hard especially on a budget.
    Anyway this is just a perfect, easy to understand channel. 👍👍👍

  • Keep doing God’s work – you have a unique approach to this so please keep sharing.

  • How about making creamy dressings w beans and boiled potatoes like the cheese sauce but less cheesy and less thick.

  • What the heck do I do when I am neverrrr hungry but I keeep eating? I am so confused. I am overweight but never hungry. I’m already doing this AND OMAD AND exercising. And still gaining weight

  • This is much easier, no need calorie counting.

  • I do count calories using the my fitness pal app. When I do not, I do not lose weight. The counting keeps the calorie density concept in the forefront of my mind and helps me make the right choices. I find I grow complacent if I don't actively keep track of myself. Once I reach my goal weight, I would like to stop counting, but until then I find it is a useful tool that encourages more veg and fruit and teaches me the calorie density of all the foods I eat. As long as you don't obsess over numbers, I think it is a positive resource and shouldn't be necessarily discouraged.
    I appreciate all you do for the community!

  • This us an awesome video. So much great information. Thank you for the informative content. God Bless You 🙏

  • I am just starting out on the WFPB and this is good information, but how do you get enough protein ? Beans /Legumes are already in the higher calorie group (600 cal./lb). A cup of lentils has about 18 g protein, but is also very high in calories. Dont we need a minimum of about 35 – 45 g (female) protein a day?

  • Great information! Thank you!

  • Also, I'm going to share this video with my FB friends. A lot of them could use this info so plainly given.

  • I really appreciate the information you share regardless of what you are making, cooking or talking about. You make it very clear. Thank you.

  • This dude gave it to us STRAIGHT NO CHASER! LOL

  • I'm currently on my second week of eating whole foods. I LOVE this video it's so simple compared to all the other "diet" plans I've tried and the counting obsession with calories. Thanks for your videos so right on.

  • My mantra is: No salt, sugar, or fat! Of course, you have to eat some fat in your diet; but keep it low (say around 10% of calories). And the only sugary or sweet foods that you should eat are one or two servings of whole fruit a day. No sugar substitutes! And you might want to consume a small amount of salt in water to avoid a possible sodium deficiency.

  • If only I wasn’t living with other ppl eating standard food🙄

  • This was one of the best explanation videos I’ve seen. Totally puts all the diets out there and how the body works in perspective. Thank you!

  • Thank you for breaking it down into important synapsis! I like the starch approach but never realized why eating the salad first is soooo important. I also workout in the morning and you explained how it effected the metabolism. One question, when you IF are you afraid you are telling your body to conserve energy again? I getnir but I don’t get it. 🥴

  • This is excellent advice. I’m 59, vegan 3 years, 50% raw vegan. I am 5 ft 3 in and 170 pounds. I don’t really look fat but have too much tummy weight. I lost 10 pounds of COVID lockdown weight so far just by having a green smoothie each day with chick peas or other beans added and not cheating by ordering pizza. LOL But I have plateaued at 170. I have been having salads with lots of EV olive oil and eating prepackaged sweetened oatmeal plus adding brown sugar. Since drinking the green smoothies, my blood pressure is almost back to normal (135/85). I take no medications. I eat within a 6 hour window.. I walk with my dogs on my property everyday. But it is really hard to lose weight at my age. I’m able to lose a pound every 2 weeks. I am trying to get down to 140. I used to weigh 110-120 in college but I think those days are well behind me now.. I think it will take me about a year from now to get to 140. I like what you said about jumpstarting metabolism with a water fast. I am also going to pull back my eating window to 4 hours. Thanks for all the good advice and knowledge. 🙏

  • I get that you don't need to count the calories. However, I kinda enjoy going through the process of weighing my food and knowing exactly how much I eat.

  • Good video! I hit a plateau. I’ve lost 18 lbs 6 inches on my waste. I still have 10 more lbs to lose. This makes so much since. I will have to eliminate peanut butter, sauces, and avocados. I will have to eliminate it until I hit my goal.

  • You are helping me make my new way of life successful, your talks are so informative! Thank you

  • I have 100 lbs to loss. I’m stoked after seeing this. I eat everything backwards! I’m checking out your other videos. I learned so much.

  • Here's the thing, if you're exercising 5 to 6 times a week at 30 minutes each day, it will burn off calories even if you over eat some days.

  • should have stopped before the fasting bit….

  • This is fantastic information!

  • you come off just a little bit full of yourself….but for some strange reason I LOVE IT lmao 😅😂

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