The secret recipe for plant-based vegan burgers | Chef David Lee, Planta

The recipe and ingredients that Planta chef David Lee uses to make his Planta plant-based burger. Chef David Lee talks to White Coat, Black Art’s Dr. Brian Goldman about what goes into one of his restaurant’s top seller and what spurred Lee on to plant-based eating.

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  • Trying on the gooey (and ridiculously delicious looking) burger, with a beard …ouch, I felt that.

  • The secret is to use meat like everyone else ever and to get over yourself 😁

  • The interviewer is annoying as hell.

  • I am more interested in how it tastes without all of the condiments. Almost anything tastes like a burger once you add sauces, pickles, and cheese. What does it taste like just patty and bread?

  • My mom made me some Buffalo wings out of broccoli and my taste buds were wowed

  • He literally pulled his hands out of his pockets and dove them into the bowl to start forming a pattie; like MY GOD; go wash your HANDS!!

  • simple use beef it is made naturally from pure grass

  • I'm glad I live in Toronto and have been to Planta numerous times. Looking forward to trying making this delicious burger. It felt most right for me to go vegan over 8 years ago. Love the lightness, health, and prolonged youth!

  • The whole idea of veganism is to not eat meat. I don't see any meat eaters making steaks that look like carrots. Are these vegans trying to fool their minds in believing they are eating meat when they really are not? Why are vegans glorifying hamburgers for?
    To me fake hamburgers are basically an admission that vegans want to eat meat, crave meat, and love the taste and smell of meat but are trying to fool their brains into thinking they are eating real meat when they are not.
    OK vegans, just keep eating your radishes and kale. Bunch of phonies trying to deny human desires…BTW, this is what most vegan doctors look like. Sickly, pale, malnourished, skinny, and not healthy looking skinny…

  • It looks absolutely delicious! Vegan Power

  • The only problem is that for me it would take 6 hours to make it plus it would collapse and mine wouldn't taste like that. 😀

  • K B

    How did you do that? HOW DID YOU GET IT TO TASTE LIKE A BURGER?!

    ….. cause it is a burger

  • Vegetarian /Vegan for 5 years and as a longtime blood donor, I was
    turned away for ANEMIA. I **immediately** returned to an ancestral
    carnivore diet and saved my failing health. Humans are interdependent on
    animal proteins and animal fats for nutrition – that is a fact. Even strict Jains consume animal products… Veganism is not even 100 years old. There is a reason.
    Breastfeeding should be your first clue. Wake up people: you are being
    lied to by a global system that wants you sick, weak, and stupid so you
    are fully controlled.

  • I as a meat eater was very skeptical of these plant based burgers as well as plant based Italian sausage.. mild or hot. But tonight I tried the sausage.
    I already had the hamburger and I am not disappointed there is no reason anymore to ruin your health and go with real sausage because we all know the garbage they put in it and for hamburgers OK once in awhile go for the real thing but for most part these vegetable burgers are just as good.
    No foolin

  • That looks good, what is that mixer he used a food processor

  • I had very high elevated liver enzymes. Which made my bilirubin count 50.sonce I moved to vegetarian diet my liver enzymes gone from excessively high to normal. Obviously with regular exercise and proper diet.

  • Being vegan helped me with my Diabetes type 1 (which was impossible according to everyone else including m doctors)! Now I don't need almost any insuline at all.

  • FALSE ADVERTISING. Where's the recipe, CBC?

  • The chef is wonderful, the other guy is a pain in the neck.

  • don't expect this to turn out the way this video shows. lots of little tips, etc, left out. measurements, etc. and do you have to make sure the different beans, etc, are not too moist before you use them. whoever can make these on the first try must also be a chef. I think trying to use a food processer was a mistake. everything turned to mush. burgers are limp. maybe I will add more oats or tapioca flour. last time I tried to make something (lentil loaf) it completely turned my husband off of vegan eating. I was hungry enough to try and make these, and I am still hungry now! wish me luck.

  • Idk its awesome but I need my vegan burger makers to be wearing vegan burger making gloves

  • I want to try this vegan burger, look so good

  • -it tastes like a burguer
    -it is

  • The trick is in the "nutritonal yeast", in other words: a yeast extract. This is the stuff they put into many meat-imitating vegetarian foods (for the meaty umami flavour). It is great most of the time – but avoid it if you have gout and don't want an unpleasant surprise. The umami flavour is due to glutamates (as in MSG), which raise your purine level, and you don't know what hit you if you have gout. I know from experience.
    But probably great for healthy vegetarians.

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