The Medifast Vs SlimFast Diet Plan Face-Off

Because most weight problems are due to unhealthy eating, it comes as no surprise that replacement food plans have become quite a hit in the health world. Undergoing diet programs like Medifast and Slimfast educate dieters on healthy eating habits by substituting the foods they normally eat with pre-proportioned and specially prepared meals. To determine the better choice for you, it’s important to weigh the benefits of each weight loss system in a Medifast vs. Slimfast diet plan match-up.

The Medifast diet plan is made up of a special 5&1 Food Plan, allowing you to eat 6 low-calorie meals a day. Because of their low-calorie-content, Medifast products help you lose weight faster. In fact, you can lose up to 20 lbs a month by following the strict Medifast diet. But, this program leaves you quite dependent on Medifast products. This is where Slimfast gains an advantage. Because Slimfast does not entirely overhaul the way you eat, you can combine your favorite foods with Slimfast products while still getting good results. Instead of replacing all of your food with their products, Slimfast experts help you keep the good food choices in your fridge while substituting the bad ones with Slimfast foods.

It’s hard to say who wins this Medifast vs. Slimfast diet plan battle. In the end, it all depends on your body’s needs and weight loss goals. If you’re in dire need of a diet overhaul, Medifast is your best guide to the basics of healthy eating. However, if you’re just meaning to lose a little bit of weight or maintain the state of your body, then Slimfast products may do well as a supplement to your diet. Always remember that it is always best to seek advice from your physician or family doctor on the best weight loss system for you.

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