The BEST Chicken Salad

This easy chicken salad is the BEST thing ever for a warm day when you want a delicious meal without turning that oven on. Grapes add just the right amount of sweetness while toasted almonds, celery and even a bit of green onion add crunch. A drizzle of aged balsamic vinegar and a splash of lemon juice bring a wonderful depth or flavor and tang to round out this chicken salad.

Full Recipe:

I LOVED this healthy chicken salad recipe on it’s own but it’s AMAZING in a sandwich or on top of a bed of lightly dressed greens!


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  • I have never seen muscat grapes in my grocery store

  • I almost always use rotisserie chicken to make my chicken salad

  • I have a recipe for a very similar chicken salad. But I take chicken breasts (I prefer white meat) that I've boiled on chicken broth, shred it, and toss it in a little bit of oregano and minced garlic BEFORE I add the Mayo dressing. I too dislike overly mayo-ed chicken salad, so I used a little Mayo, a little mustard, some apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper, and seemingly surprising amount of GROUND GINGER. I mix the dressing into the chicken, add slivered Granny Smith and red delicious apples (skin on), roasted salted chopped walnuts, dried cranberries (that I've halved), red grapes (cut in thirds) chopped celery, fresh parsley (a little) and VERY think chopped red onion, for a more intesnse bite. Adding the apple cider vinegar really brings the sweetness of the grapes and apples together with the salty juiciness of the chicken, the ginger helps bring those flavors together with the bite-yness of the red onion, the mustard more easy rounds EVERYTHING out with the garlic and the Mayo, and the parsley adds a satisfying bitter freshness.

  • I made this for my company Pot Luck luncheon! It won Best in Show from all my coworkers!! It’s delicious. I didn’t change a thing. The recipe is perfect and everything he said it is!!

  • amazing! i didn t have all of the ingredients, green onion and celery but i used green bell pepper instead of celery and it turned out great
    😍❤️😍 thank you for this amazing recipe

  • Eh celery and raw onions are good enough for me

  • I made your chicken salad with my Thanksgiving turkey leftovers! I don’t like green onions and didn’t have balsamic vinegar this time. But it was delicious! Love the Tarragon like you said! The salad is delicious on Brioche Bread or a red leaf and romaine lettuce salad. Thank you!!

  • I love dark meat too.

  • does the chicken have sharp talons?

  • You got me, this is now the way I make chicken salad. Never used the tarragon in this before but love it now. Thank you for all these videos. Your the best.

  • Now I'm starving! Love the concepts. Gonna skip the apples just because I hate peeling them. Also, people….stop making mayo such a villain! The more Hellman's I eat, the better I feel! By the way, I'm 106 lbs and don't cut what I love to eat. I prefer everything in small doses. No one needs 3 meals a day without meat. Ever notice how unhealthy plant based vegans look? We are human. We are born meat eaters. Can't deny what nature intended no matter what social engineering is trying to tell you. Small farm support is your best bet if available. No one needs 500 nasty fast foods a week. Eat slowly, avoid ALCOHOL and take all things, including exercise with small doses. Life is too short to be told how to live it.

  • I just made this and it was really good. I would recommend halving the mayo. Great recipe. Thank you.

  • What kind of knife are you using? I’ve been on the hunt for a really good knife for chopping. Anyone have some suggestions?

  • You seem to like using celery for the texture, but noone in my family likes celery, so is there something with a similar texture I could use instead?

  • Hummus is a great healthier alternative to mayonnaise

  • Just found you the other day. I love it when a kid teaches me something new!

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