Thai Basil Beef Stir-Fry (Pad Krapao Nua) | Gluten-free, Easy!

Savory juicy beef stir-fried with loads of fresh basil and crunchy bell peppers. Friends! This week’s new video I share one of my favorite beef stir-fry dishes – Thai basil beef (pad krapao nua). My share my take on how to make this famous Thai dish gluten-free and with no added sugar yet still tastes SO DELICIOUS.

This dish comes together in minutes and is full of flavor. If you love a good Thai beef stir-fry, don’t miss this week’s new video + recipe!

I also have a sister version – Thai Basil Chicken. I’ll put a recipe and a video links below.
Download the recipe:

Thai basil chicken video –

For Thai Basil Chicken recipe –

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