Ten Low Syn/Low Calorie Snacks #2 | Slimming World Snacks | Olivia Elise

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Hi Guys,
So this is the second video I have made showing you ten low syn/ low calorie snacks that you can fit into your everyday eating plan.

No matter what plan we are following we often get those naughty cravings and hopefully this video will give you some idea of how you can curb them without causing any damage to your progress.

Check out part one of this video here:

Let me know your favorite low calories snacks, I am always on the hunt for more yummy treats.
Love Liv xx

Snack 1: Pink and Whites: 50 Calories, 2.5 Syns
Snack 2: Jubbly ice pops: 17 Calories, 1 Syn
Snack 3: Mikado: 11 Calories, 0.5 Syns
Snack 4: Pop Chips, BBQ flavor: 97 Calories, 5 Syns
Snack 5: Coop Chorizo Rice Cakes: 88 Calories, 4.5 Syns
Snack 6: Peanut butter oreos: 53 Calories, 2.5 Syns
Snack 7: Rioja wine 187ml: 135 Calories, 7 Syns
Snack 8: Sun Bites wholegrain popcorn 20g : 84 Calories, 4.5 Syns
Snack 9: Muller light goodies
Strawberry flavor: 92 Calories, 2.5 Syns
Coconut flavor: 98 Calories, 2 Syns
Snack 10: Fudge bar 25g: 114 Calories, 5.5 Syns


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