Snacks Under 200 Calories| Low Calorie Snack Ideas| Shayna Moretti

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Snack info below

Hummus 70 calories
Veggie straws 130 calories
Total 200

Peaches and cream with cinnamon
Yogurt 80 calories
Peach 70 calories
Total 150

Egg burrito
Egg 60 egg white 17
Tortilla is only 50 calories!!!!!! Try these, I get them at walmart.
Feta 35 calories for half serving
Salsa 10 calories
Total 142

Protein rice cake
1/4 scoop of protein 42 calories
Pb2 50 calories
Rice cake 35 cal
Banana 60 cal
Total 187

Egg box
Egg 60 cal
Light Swiss wedge 30 cal
Cheese crisps 75 calories for 12
Grapes 60 cal 6.5 oz
Total 225 cal

Carmel apples/pb2 apples with chia seeds
Carmel half serving 50cal
Pb2 25cal only used half serving 1 tbs
Apple 80 cal
Chia seeds 40c 1/4 tbs
Total 195 cal


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