Snack Meal Prep – Easy Snack Recipes

Today I’m making snack meal prep with some healthy snack recipes. These easy snack recipes for pizza balls are so money. These meal prep snacks are great snack box ideas. The cauliflower tots are healthy snacks done right. You will want to pack a snack box after you try the chocolate truffles, they are awesome for meal prepping snacks. This is bomb meal prep for snacks. When you are meal prepping snack ideas they gotta be healthy and creative, and this snack meal prep is the best out there you guys.


Macros for the Pizza Balls:
89 calories per pizza ball
1.75 grams of fat per pizza ball
13 grams of carbs per pizza ball
4.9 grams of protein per pizza ball
2.9 grams of fiber per pizza ball

Macros for the Cauliflower Tots:
31.7 calories per cauliflower tot
1.6 grams of fat per cauliflower tot
1.7 grams of carbs per cauliflower tot
4.5 grams of protein per cauliflower tot
0.7 grams of fiber per cauliflower tot

Macros for the Truffles:
97 calories per per truffle ball
3.2 grams of fat per truffle ball
20.6 grams of carbs per truffle ball
1.5 grams of protein per truffle ball
3.1 grams of fiber per truffle ball


muffin tin pan:

box grater:

metal sheet trays:

glass meal prep containers:

microplane zester:

olive oil dispenser:

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