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  • I make mine every morning peanut butter bananas and strawberry oo and blueberry

  • Always Freeze the peeled bananas…
    Freeze the brockly
    Strawberries… etc..
    Many of the vegetables she’s talking about -go bad very quickly…
    so I have found that freezing them on a tray,.. and then throwing them into a Ziploc bag once they are frozen;.. is a wonderful way to keep them from turning to mush …
    Super Cold?. it makes it much more palatable to drink –
    because it’s like having an ice cream smoothie..

    Another thing is the water in general distilled water is perfectly clean and free of all minerals mineral water is unable to absorb anything from your body because it is already full of minerals therefore we should drink only distilled water because it has room inside of it to absorb the minerals that our body needs carried away because the minerals are like cellular trash and water cannot absorb anything :… if:
    is already full of minerals…
    Only distilled!

  • Praise YAH! Thank you!! My sister in law will be excited!

  • I love to juice , I always add turmeric. Save the fiber and use to make veggie burgers

  • Hello. What brand/model of centrifugal and masticating juicers are you using in this video? And where can I purchase them? Amazon?

  • Do those type of juices and smoothies prevent breast cancer or cure it if you have it? I juice an orange, grapefruit, and lemon together in my little juicer. Making your own juice is better than drinking processed juice which consists of sugar anyway.

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