[RECIPE] Avocado Salad – LOW CALORIE!

In this episode I go over one of my favorite dishes to eat. This is my recipe for the awesomeist Avocado Salad ever! Avocado’s are a great healthy way to stay full, and get a lot of your healthy fats! You can get the full ingredient list, as well as proportions on my website in the links below, or you can go straight to this recipe page:

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Ramekin Goodies:
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INGREDIENTS (amounts found on website!)
– Cheesy Jalepeno Powder
– Hass Avocado
– Green Jalepeno
– White Mushrooms
– Lemon Juice
– Lime Juice
– Pepper
– White Onion
– Spring Onion
– Grape Tomatoes
– Garlic Powder
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