PROTEIN BROWNIE WITH 23g of PROTEIN in 2 min!! LOW CALORIES & 3 INGREDIENTS. Delicious recipe snack!

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In today’s video I will be making this quick and easy, healthy protein brownie that is low in carbs and calories and just DELICIOUS. This is my absolute favorite snack / dessert at the moment. The fact that this meal has 36g of protein it is such a great little meal when I want to feed my muscles to grow! I hope you enjoy it!

I want to show you that it does not have to be a struggle to reach your fitness and health goals and I want to show you healthy snacks, workouts, meals and tricks to make it as simple and fun for you as possible.

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PROTEIN BROWNIE WITH 23g of PROTEIN in 2 minutes!! LOW CALORIES & only 3 INGREDIENTS. Delicious recipe

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