Portuguese Style Fish Soup – Low Galore – Magic Diet

I brought you back this awesome Fish Soup from a Traditional Portuguese recipe from my trip. With all the taste but none of the work. Normally it would be served with a day old bread in the bowel and pour the soup, but it goes just great with potatoes or vegetables.
Now if you use fresh fish like the Traditional way then you will have to do some work. First remove all the scales and gut it. Separate the fish into parts, the head, tail, and the middle bone will all got into the pot with water and boiled until you get a fish broth in about 40 min’s, then strain out the contents and use the broth for your soup stock. The rest of the body can be added to the soup hole, skinless or in pieces.
Either way, it is just awesome.

Try it, you will love it..

For more information and to get the full recipe, please click below;

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