Pineapple Mint Punch – Refreshing Mocktail Recipe | Chef Girish | Flavors of South India

Rejuvenate your senses with sweet and tangy mocktail called “Pineapple Mint Punch” Prepared by Chef Girish.

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1 small bowl of finely chopped pineapples
1 cup fresh mint leaves
1 small bowl of sugar syrup
1 lemon
Salt as per taste


• Muddle half bowl of pineapple pieces, few mint leaves
and pieces of half lemon
• Put the mixture in to base of a glass
• Add some sugar syrup and mix it well
• Add a pinch of salt
• Add cold water in to the glass and fill it till top.
(Alternative Soda, Sprite as per your taste)
• Garnish it with slice of pineapple

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