My Favorite Green Juice Recipe using 3 Ingredients

John from shares with you his favorite green juice recipe using only 3 ingredients in a cold press juicer. In this episode, John will share how you can make a delicious green juice by using a minimal amount of ingredients.

You will also learn which vertical single auger slow juicers are currently the best on the market and why. You will also learn the proper technique for juicing in a vertical single auger cold press juicer.

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  • I used two big handful of spinach today and there was like 2 drops of green juice that came out. I have the breville juicer. Is that normal? I feel like I wasted so much spinach today.

  • Omg I freaking love you!

  • I like Kohler because he talks the talk, but also walks the walk.

  • That was a good tip about keeping the number of ingredients down to 3 as you described…..and warning people that if they aren't sure how more ingredients will taste all combined, it is better to leave them out altogether.

  • how can i make my green juice cold? is it better to use ice cubes or store in the fridge to chill? thanks

  • there are so many juicers out there…I need to buy one asap…very confusing…which one is best to buy…so many choices…omegs…solostar. slowstar…i need help deciding which one i should buy…right now I use brevelle juice fountain

  • hi John, can you do a comparison between biochef atlas whole slow juicer and slowst are please. I'm torn between the two. thanks for all your videos. keep them coming

  • Hey John just a quick question: Whats that vegetables' name on the left again?
    "agent pears"? I can't understand it correctly as English is not my native language.

    Great videos man!

    regards from stormy Vienna

  • John, What do you think of the Omega 8000 – I can get one used but wanted to know if its worth 175$ I don't think they are under warranty anymore since they were discontinued. Just your opinion..Thank you in advance, Blessings

  • NC800. Still the best all around green juice juicer around, and yet you still seem to love the vertical juicers more. Why is that John?

    The horizontal auger juicer does a better job, as you have shown, and it's way, way, way, way, way, easier to clean as you have shown…

    And I myself own both the Omega and Vertical and Horizontal juicer, and my NC800 kicks ass easily!

    So what gives, John? Why would you pick a vertical juicer that is harder to clean, and makes you prep your veggies more (you must cut the fibrous veggies every 1/4 to 1/2 inch for the vertical juicer!), and yet the horizontal juicer simply eats the greens down (no prep), and cleans up easier, with less pulp?!?!

    Why John…. WHY?!?!?!

  • I love your advice about keeping it simple. I've been making lemon ginger blasts and it can get a bit involved with all the ingredients (maybe I was making it too complicated!). Love this idea!

    Debbie in WA Ü

  • Hey John,
    ive been watching some of your old videos from 4 to 5 years ago and i was wondering why you dont sell the Hurom juicer anymore.?

  • Agree. Watching your juicer vids, i think the vertical juicers, especially this one, seems to perfrom the best for all diff types of veg. That pulp comes out very dry. BTW. Jst a tip, if u want to minimize oxidation and breakdown even more, jst add 3 or 4 ice cubes in the container your catching your juice in. Juice oxidizes very quickly at room temperature once it's extracted. The most noticeable veg u'll see this effect is with carrot juice, as it contains alot of sugar. The one with ice cubes will keep it's vibrant orange color while the one without it b duller and begin to turn more towards dark orange to brown.

  • just a question to you john have you done frozen fruit sorbets on this juicer? you have said champion juicer is the best at doing sorbets id like to see how this juicer fares

  • John I really would like to buy the slowstar juicer from you I live in Las Vegas is there a way I can buy it there instead of on line I do not like shopping on line? Also thank you so much for all the awesome videos you provide to everyone I am sure you have saved peoples lives with your teachings.

  • John.. just got my SlowStar this weekend.. been juicing since Saturday im gonna try this recipe
    thanks Henry

  • John do u prefer this machine for greens over the solostar4?

  • Juicing level EXPERT!

  • Would love to know how much juice you drink a day? (You have a great healthy glow!)

  • Your health is your greatest wealth!

  • Green Star all the way!

  • how many cals in that juice approximatly

  • Thank you for the continued effort and thought to improve our health.

  • Any sales coming up for the olympus citrus juicer? It's something I want but out of my price range

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