My Breakfast Smoothie 2017! Clears Skin, Burns Fat, & Boosts Metabolism

Hello my loves! I’m super excited to show you guys my breakfast smoothie recipe 🙂 If your have me on SnapChat (alwayschandler), you know for a fact that I’m obsessed with smoothies. I absolutely hate eating healthier foods individually and I think it’s best to throw them all in a blender at once to make things more simple.
My smoothie has a countless amounts of benefits. It’s great for your skin! If you’re working out or dieting for weightloss, this smoothie should give you a boost! Its a great replacement for your regular, carb-filled, breakfasts. PUT DOWN THE FAST FOOD AND START DRINKING SOME SMOOTHIES.

hunny, don’t thnk that you’ll wakeup with Jennifer Anniston skin by drinking this a couple times. Here’s what you need to do…. replace your daily breakfast with this. Your skin will thank you for not eating all those carbs, butter, dairy, and pretty much things besides the healthy foods your skin craves. BUT BEAUTY IS HARD WORK. Don’t forget about hydration. Personally, I don’t drink enough water, but I recently started drinking approx. 10 cups a day plus tea and I really notice a difference!! REMEMBER, YOU WON’T SEE A DIFFERNECE IF YOU DON’T MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Weight loss tips?!
This smoothie should definatley help with minimizing your appetite. The main ingredient that helps with over-eating is the ginger! Drink this often and you should notice that you’re not as hungry as usual, BUT like I said these things take consistency. Don’t expect resusts if you’ve only drank it twice.
For weightloss, it’s always about your diet and your daily routine. Are you working out? Or are you a couch potato (like me on a sunday)? Simply getting off your ass for as little as 15-30 mins per day can make a huge difference in your body weight. Try to watch out for carbs and calories. Try to eat around 1,500 calories or less per day! Don’t go too low hunny, you still need energy! Personally, when I try to loose weight , I always go on a low carb diet (eating nothing more than 20 carbs per day). It’s hard, but I usually notice results in less than a week! However, it can be dangerous so ALWAYS do your research before following a specific diet.

I hope I motivated you all to become more active and internally/externally healthier people! HAPPY NEW YEARS!

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