Musk Melon Juice 2 Ways | Musk Melon Smoothie [Lassi] Musk Melon Milk Shake | Kharbuja Shakes

We’ve shown Musk Melon Juice 2 Ways in this video. Musk Melon Milk Shake or Kharbuja Shakes nutrition value is perfect for hot summer weather! Find out How many Calories are there in Muskmelon along with other nutritional facts about Muskmelon or Kharbuja. Musk Melon Juice, Muskmelon, musk melon recipes, musk melon smoothie, musk melon shake, musk melon juice with milk, musk melon health benefits, 2 Muskmelon or Cantaloupe Drink Recipes, How many Calories in Muskmelon

***Kitchen Gadgets used in this video***
Nutri Bullet Mixer/Blender/Grinder(India):
Nutribullet Blender/Mixer(USA):

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