Movie Snacks that are healthy

Heading to the movies is a great way to cool down on hot days — but what’s a movie without a big bowl of popcorn? Watch now to learn what healthy movie snacks to buy at the theater — and how to eat popcorn, the gundry way.
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  • Thanks for watching! Are there any health topics you'd like to know more about? Let me know in the comments below
    – Dr G

  • The last time I went to the movies, long before this Cronavirus or Covid-19 arrived on our shores, I must have simply bad luck. No where in any theater I would go just to watch a new Movie, either in back of me or the side of me some guy or gal would begin either sneezing their heads off or coughing their lungs out and possibly I am germ phobic a bit, but I would move. Then someone else would start in with the same sinus expulsions or throats vocalizing their coughing announcements to the auditorium. I finally got sick of being in a petri dish of disease at the theater I just rent recent released DVDs. Much safer and my bathroom is substantially cleaner and closer.

  • Hi Dr. Gundry! I've just purchased your new book The Plant Paradox Family Cookbook. I have no words to describe how well I've been feeling since I started your diet a month ago.

  • As you probably know many of the olive oils on the market today are either fake or mixed with other cheaper unhealthy oils. Can you suggest a source or brand that is pure olive oil???????????

  • doctor what if a got a light salt microwave popcorn is it a healthy option ?

  • Red wine is far more harmful than the small "benefits" it allegedly has.

  • Hello Dr. Gundry, have been using your PRODUCTS faithfully for several years now. Trying to stay strong and healthy, dealing with hashimotos for many years. Had I realized that gluten was messing me up so much, would have deleted it from my diet years ago. Ignorance is not always bliss! Started the untox a couple of months back. Recently cut back to one capsule daily, as I had a horrific setback with muscles. From the info I have read on hashimotos, large doses of iodine can cause this upset. Taking one a day now and have bounced back and full of energy again. Considering my diseased thyroid, could I stay on untox on a regular basis on a low dose. Have not been able to find oxidized sea salt, and when I look back over the last 40 years….I was denied iodine all along. Thought I was eating properly, but it appears the iodine was removed and put into bottles! For resale.😣 Am prepared to take this untox regularly if you think it is benificiakl in the long run . Sincerely your forever follower😁. Am learning to cook and bake all over again.

  • What about 100% raw organic cacao? You say that 72% cacao… or more is what you want, but most of those chocolate bars still have other ingredients that I get weary of. I have a brand in mind that uses 100% raw organic cacao and raw honey, so I assume this 100% raw cacao would be even better??

  • Love your work and have been following you and using your products for a long time. BUT – I have to tell you that not offering a scannable print version of videos doesn't work for me and I'm thinking about banning those that don't. I don't have time (or interest) in being held hostage to anyone's content. So PLEASE provide a text version of your valuable content. Thank you. Signed, an annoyed customer.

  • Dr. why isn't foods loaded with bad LDL cholesterol like pork, shrimp, catfish etc., on your avoid list for good health???

  • Thank you for the great tips. I've replayed it a few times now and can't catch the name of the popping grain you say. Can you please give me the name so I can enjoy this alternative.

  • I'm a huge GundryMD fan and use5 of his products every day. I've been informed about the popcorn alternative, Sorghum (whole grain kernels) for some time now and have tried popping it in a variety of ways and no matter what method I use to pop… only a few kernels pop. Adding more time to the popping only burns the kernels. Does anyone have an answer for this… I really miss popcorn but this alternative is not working for me. Thanks in advance. W

  • Thank you, Dr. Grundy, for all your good tricks, I just started my vital reds today, and love it. God was you

  • My husband will like this because I have gotten rid of all the corn and corn flour!

  • Dr Gundry Thank you and that sounds delicious!!

  • Why should one skip cashews?

  • I love you Dr. Gundry your the best Ive seen on functional medicine so far. Great personality as well xx

  • What about diet coke?

  • I eat a lot of al.onds as I thought they were safe? Do you have to have skinless almonds?

  • Excellent! Keep up the great work!

  • You can buy blanched almonds or do it yourself. Just place in a bowl pour in boiling water allow to cool a bit , then scrap off with a knife, not too sharp. ! Corn like most grains is full of Lectins I tried to eat corn products recently as gluten free and and ended up with a very painful gut for two months. I guess it depends how I'll you are how willing you are to change your diet. K

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