Mocktail Recipes | Mocktails for Kids | How to make simple layered fruit mocktails at home?

Today in Greypot lets learn how to make simple layered fruit Mocktails, the Party Starter Recipe. Find all ingredients and method to make this simple layered fruit mocktails at home.

The key to making layered mocktail drinks is to first choose the order in which you need to pour the layers in. But this is not an easy task as just picking which colour look pretty next to the other. The order that the layers will settle in is decided by the relative densities of the liquids, the lighter liquids are going to float on the top. This means you should always pour the densest liquid first and continue in the order up to the least dense.

Steps to make Simple Layered Fruit Mocktails
1. Make Crushes using fruit and sugar and blend it without adding water.
2. Slowly layer it with thin consistency (the densest) fruit juice in to a tall glass to make the layered Mocktail.

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