Make protein ice cream fluff with Casein – Low calorie dessert – Greg Doucette fan Casein Espresso

💞 Hey, this is a recipe for a 220 calories protein ice cream fluff❣️
I just use 200 grams strawberries, 200 grams of ice cubes and 40 grams casein.

🍓I also use liquid sweeteners and topping, that is all optional. If you add more optional stuff the calories obviously go up.

Protein fluff is my favorite volume food.🍦
I make this every night and sometimes during the day.

– 200 grams ice cubes
– 200 grams strawberries (they have to be frozen) (70 calories)
– 40 grams casein powder (mine is vanilla flavor) (146 calories)

Optional: cookie flavored and unflavored liquid sweeteners and espresso powder as topping.

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