Low Kalz Low Calorie Snack Box Unboxing and Taste Test

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5 snacks (2 drinks + 3 snacks)
10 snacks (3 drinks + 7 snacks)
15 snacks (4 drinks + 11 snacks)
25 snacks (5 drinks + 20 snacks)

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  • Hi Rebecca! I'm a newer addict to your channel. I love to watch/listen to your videos while I do my makeup in the morning. It has become part of my daily routine. Is that weird? 😬😜 This video was particularly entertaining because of little June. Omg the faces she was making! Adorable! ❤️

  • Your little girl is so adorable.. i couldnt stop watching her.. the prices seem alittle steep for it because alot of it sells in the store cheap. But the variety helps a lot so I wouldn't be eating the same snack everytime. Great video!!! What a cute family!!!

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