Low fat cooking tips | #EnjoyFood | Diabetes UK

Watch our video on low fat cooking tips for healthier eating. For more information, go to www.diabetes.org.uk/enjoyfood
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  • Do NOT follow this advice

  • There is some irony here…….

  • This video is bad advice for diabetics. The only healthy diet is one consisting of high fat, moderate protein and LOW CARB. Carbs should come mostly from vegetables, and nuts like macadamias, pecans or walnuts. Eating fat will not make you fat, as your body will not store any excess calories like it does when you consume a high carb diet.

  • just stumbled on this load of white
    never again I hope

  • The information in this video is just wrong. Diabetes UK, would you please start doing some actual research into the disease you are attempted to help.
    STOP using poly unsaturates, STOP demonising saturated, Stop prescribing carbs to those who by having the disease are carb intolerant. This advice is moronic

  • This video has got to be a wind-up surely.

  • The number one risk factor for the development of diabetes is obesity. Never take advice intended to improve your risk from someone who is obese. If they're following the same advice, it clearly doesn't work. And if they're not following it, they're asking you to do something that they can't do, which is obviously not the answer.

    This video is criminal. The idea that any Diabetes foundation would promote high glycemic potatoes at all to start with, but then telling people to cut back on the fat that would reduce the glycemic impact, is evidence that they have no idea how to manage blood sugar.

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