Low Carb Thai Steak Salad (With MCT Oil)

This low carb thai steak salad is a delicious break from the run of the mill “same-ol-salads” we tend to eat every day. All you need is the right ingredients and a little preparation — that’s all there is to it.

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πŸ”—Tools/Resources In This Video:
MCT Oil:
Coconut Aminos:
Fish Sauce: (most grocery stores carry this brand now)
Mixing Bowls:

πŸ–¨Printable Recipe:

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  • I use a micrograter or my favorite ginger grater (small porcelain) to make the fresh ginger usable. Also helps break down the ginger fibers and makes the ginger smell more flavorful.

  • You are amazing. I am so glad I found you <3 I have been struggling to stay on my keto diet. I have watched several of your videos and you are a life saver. Thank you for coming on and sharing you story and recipes.

  • Oh my goodness this is heaven on a plate. I love this. Definitely will try.

  • I didn't know that about "breakfast" marketing, but I'm not surprised. I love loving things like that. I can't wait to try this.. yum! You are looking good! You go, girl πŸ™‚ Oh, and grapeseed oil is good too.

  • What a great idea adding mct oil to the marinade/ dressing! Looks delicious… I recently found coffee flour at Trader Joe's and can't find any recipes, would love to see some recipe ideas with that ingredient. Have you ever used it?

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