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Breakfast – Chickpea frittata, mixed greens, sunflower seed dressing:
Frittata: Sun-dried tomatoes, sliced – 3 pieces. Dried shiitake, soaked, sliced – 7g dried. Green onion – 30g. Garlic, minced – 2 cloves. Kale, chopped – 40g. Red chilli, sliced – 10g. Chickpea flour – 45g. Water (from soaking shiitake) – 150g. White pepper – pinch or to taste. Black salt – pinch. Iodized salt – pinch or to taste. Baking powder – ⅛ teaspoon.
Salad dressing: Sunflower seeds, raw – 9g.Lemon juice – 20g or to taste. Date, deseeded – 1 piece. Water – a little to dilute. Iodized salt – pinch or to taste.
Garnish/side: Mixed lettuce – 110g. Almonds, raw, crushed – 3 pieces. Sunflower seeds, raw, crushed – 8g. Date ketchup/low sugar ketchup – 45g. Strawberries – 150g.

Lunch – Barley risotto, kale, roasted cauliflower:
Risotto: Sweet potato, chopped – 105g. Hulled barley, dry – 50g. Vegetable broth, low sodium – 110g. Water – 100g. Garlic, minced – 2 cloves. Onions, small dice – 95g. Celery, small dice – 50g. Carrots, small dice – 65g. Soy milk, unsweetened, fortified – 45g. Nutritional yeast – 1.5g. Almond butter, unsalted – 5g. Iodized salt – pinch or to taste.
Sauteed kale: Garlic, minced – 2 cloves. Red chili, sliced – 10g. Kale, chopped – 50g. Iodized salt – pinch or to taste.
Roasted cauliflower: Lemon juice – 5g or to taste. Whole sesame tahini – 7g. Garlic powder – 1g. Chinese five spice – pinch. Iodized salt – pinch or to taste. Water – a little to dilute. Cauliflower, florets – 100g.
Garnish: Sunflower seeds, raw – 3g. Nutritional yeast – 1.5g.

Dinner – Miso shirataki ramen:
Vegetable broth (low sodium) – 1.5 cups. Kelp – 1 small piece. Dried shiitake – 10g. Napa cabbage, chopped – 100g. Soybeans, soaked – 55g dried. Broccoli, florets – 100g. Sweet potato, sliced – 75g. Radish, shaved – 10g. Shirataki noodles – 360g. Green onion, sliced – 30g. Miso – 11g or to taste. Sesame seeds, natural, toasted – 4.5g. Nori, cut into 4 pieces – 1 sheet.

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