Low Calories Diet Plans and Low Fat Diets Plans – Little Known Secrets Why They Do Not Work

Are you following the low calories diet plans or low fat diets plans and eating less than 1200 calories daily? Have you dropped your daily calories to 500 so you can look like a model?

If you have been following these diet plans for some time, you may find that these plans do not work for the most of us. There are some perfectly logical reasons.

Before that, let us examine what low calories diet plans or low fat diets plans are. They are diet plans that recommend that you eat between 800 to 1000 calories of foods every day.

These plans restrict you from eating what you like and expect you to eat stuffs you do not like.

Besides that, you are supposed to avoid foods that are high in fats and calories. That is perfectly logical, right? To have less fats, we take in fewer foods that are rich in fats and calories.

If you are like me, you may not have the discipline to stick to these plans as the foods have become very tasteless after 2 weeks. Furthermore, I do not understand how to count calories. But these two reasons are just the tip of the icebergs of what I am going to share with you.

You see, the low calories diet plans or low fat diets plans simply DO NOT WORK!

Any pounds loss is only temporary. Your body metabolism rate has learned to adjust itself after going through thousands of years of evolution. It is hard coded in our DNAs. There may be times when our forefathers were chained in a desert or were taken as prisoners in a remote place where food were scarce.

For the body to survive, it will quickly adjust itself to burn off fewer calories and starting conserving fats. To maintain energy, it will start burning off lean muscles, tissues and even bones. The last thing it will burn is fats.

Why is that? Because fats are easily converted into energy and it will be the last resource your body will tap into when all else fails!

You may not have realized this but you have probably have not lost much fat. You have lost muscle tissue, water weight and the fuel that your body needs to stay alive. Even if you take in some supplements and vitamins, it is still very dangerous to continue on with the low calorie diet. If you have, please do not continue on this diet you have been on NOW.

The Alternative Diet Plan-Calories Shifting Plan

This is a new plan you should check out. It makes your body to lose weight by manipulating fat burning hormones. The plan consists of 3 parts, which requires you to:

a) eat more frequently;

b) eat in smaller portion; and

c) exercise.

As there is no food restriction, you can eat almost anything you want. It will help you speed up your metabolism and you do not need to count calories. The basic idea is to keep your body guessing so it will not know how many calories it gets to consume that day.

This plan will get you into those pants you have been dying to wear since you bought them. It will get you into the bikini hanging in your closet that has been staring at you for the past five years.

The rest of your life is waiting for you! Abandon the low calories diet plans or low fat diets plans and try the calories shifting diet plan today.

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