Low Calorie Snack! How To Make Air Popped Popcorn At Home…

How To Make Air Popped Popcorn
Air Crazy Popper!

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In this video I am going to be making one of the best low calories snacks for anyone who is trying to watch their calories but still can enjoy eating. This is how to make air popped popcorn at home. In the video I am using the Air Crazy Popper Machine by West Bend.

This is my Air Crazy Corn Popper

The machine actually worked very well in my opinion and I will be using this on a more regular basis. Popcorn is a great snack that most people will enjoy and the cool thing is that it is super easy to make with this Air Crazy Popcorn Popper.

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What is your favorite healthy snack.

I hope you enjoyed the video and now know how to make airpopped popcorn at your home.

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