Low Calorie Protein Balls (Under 50kcal) – Recipe by APD Holly Baxter

By APD. Holly Baxter
Director of Nutrition @Biolayne

Accredited Practicing Dietitian
Master of Dietetics
Bch. Food Science & Nutrition

Lets be real:
The number of products I see being marketed as ‘healthy’, ‘clean’, or ‘high protein’ enrages me. I am enraged often!

For those of us who track macros and read nutrition labels, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing a ‘NEW’ product with the health claim “HIGH PROTEIN’ or something of this nature, eluding to the product being macro friendly, only to find that fat content is actually higher than a tub of lard and the sugar content of a small sugar cane farm!

Try my recipe! Not only do they Taste Amazing – The team at www.biolayne.com also agree! They didn’t last more than 8 hours

x1 ball actually contains 6.1g Protein , 0.5 g Fat and 2.8g carbohydrate.

Ingredients: listed in the video!

Carbon by Layne Norton – Supplements 30% off Protein !!

Contact Information:
Website: www.hbnutrition.com.au

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