Low Calorie Meals: Chicken Curry

Check out this low fat chicken curry that comes in at only 400 calories. This is a fantastic recipe for a chicken curry which is more low fat than a traditional tikka massala but still packs all the flavour. This meal can be enjoyed as part of a low fat nutrition plan to lose weight. This meal is the perfect 400 calorie meal but if you want to add rice to it you are only adding in another 200 calories to this delicious low fat chicken curry.

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This is a personal favourite of mine and honestly it tastes SO GOOD! And not to mention it’s well over half the calories of a normal curry from a restaurant or a take away. The calories without rice for this low fat meal comes in at 400 calories per serving. Making it one of the lowest calorie meals i’ve created while also not effecting the taste – it’s honestly delicious!

Check out the full ingredients list and instructions here:

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