Low Calorie Meal for One! Curried Chicken Apple Rice Dinner! Only 307 calories! :)

Total for this Filling Dinner Only 307 calories! 🙂

Curried Chicken Apple Rice:
Fast easy and satisfying, energizing yet low cal!! 🙂

180 calories: Uncle Bens Rice Cup ( Walmart $1)
81 calories: 2.3 oz chicken tenderloin
41 calories: 1/2 medium apple diced
5 calories: 1 tbsp curry powder
Total Calories: 307!!

After trying many diets and hating the deprivation or missing carbs, meat, fat, chocolate, cookies, crackers etc. I ventured to create a way to eat 1500 calories a day or fewer and still to feel full and satisfied and energized. With my low calorie main meals I can still have some chocolate or cookies every day and not feel deprived. I will be sharing my low cal meal ideas with you. I know I am always looking for inspiration too 🙂 I will also show in future videos what I actually eat in one day total so you can see what 1500 calories looks like in total ( or can look like if we all learn how to bulk our food and not our waistlines 🙂
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To the lean, strong and not deprived you!
Same10Pounds 😉

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