Low Calorie FAST FOOD Ideas for Road Trips

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*Disclaimer* This video is not sponsored. I don’t eat fast food. This video is for those of you traveling during the holidays. Fast food your only option? These options will not kill the calorie bank. Of course I’d rather you pack your own meals or eat somewhere healthy but if Fast Food is all you have, these are options for you to order and not feel awful!


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  • How bout a salad from McDonalds? They have grilled chicken & vinaigrette dressings. McNuggets are pink slime yucky formed nuggets. I dont even consider them food. How bout a grilled chicken sandwich. I dont go to alot of fast food because trying to be a vegetarian and a healthy one at that and living in a small town makes it difficult. I do love penn station teriyaki veggie sub or a Subway vegetarian pizza sub. A 7 layer burrito from taco bell is pretty good when made right. I also love soft taco supremes with no meat or beans just the toppings along with salsa verde & fire roasted.

  • If you are telling yourself "It's not that bad…" you are just lying to yourself and on a downward spiral.  Be honest and create higher standards. 

  • “The Calorie Myth” by Jonathan Bailor.  That's all I have to say to this video… Go read.

  • Wypi*rdalać z tym g*wnem!

  • Oh my.  Chicken nuggets suggested on your health and fitness channel?  This seems so unlike you to even post this.

  • I think Wendy's chile is a better option than any that were mentioned.

  • Good stuff. You can also get brown rice and chicken at Chipotle and ask them to cover it up with like 3 scoops of pico de gallo. No matter how few calories the McNuggets have, they still have that gross fast food grease flavor to them.

  • this is my first video I've seen from you, and i'm DEFINITELY NOT subscribing. nobody else in their right mind who claims to be into health and fitness would EVER post this video. these are the worst recommendations I've ever heard. you should know that low calorie doesn't mean healthy!? things with more calories can definitely be more healthy. for example, a zero calorie coke or a smoothie made with fruits and vegetables? hmm i'd go for the smoothie. seriously, you can get salads at many fast food places which would be way better recommendations. what a disgrace! yes, i understand you arn't saying these are the healthiest choices ever, but seriously, YOU should know that calories really do not matter that much. it's the nutritional content of the food. so i don't know why on earth you made this video. 

  • I appreciate  that you are helping people find better options but nothing was addressed to as actually how bad fast food actually is.  Not just the calorie part, The calories are the least of your worries with fast food. Burgers have as little as 2% to 12% meat the rest is filler. The filler is never natural and chicken nuggets, they use a de-foaming agent- the same used in tires. The meat for burgers has come from cows that are fed GMO corn which make them sick and hence all the antibiotics that are forced upon cruelly treated animals. The animals that are fed the GMO corn have a much larger body fat percentage, People wonder why its so hard to loose weight, stop eating fake food.  Food fried in Canola oil  can actually be seen in an ultrasound and causes leaky gut syndrome. I hope this did not come as a criticism to you, just trying to get the message out there. Cheap food has a price to pay for how cheaply its manufactured. Why does our food have warning labels in the UK? The chemicals in our food are not allowed in 22 countries around the world. We as a consumer have the choice to buy real organic food or "food" that is killing you, 

  • terrible advice, awful choices. there are so many better options in terms of "fast food" 

  • I'm a vegetarian, so most of these options wouldn't work for me, but these are still great options for low calorie fast food. I think this is thoughtful advice, even though she doesn't even eat fast food. Great video.

  • I'd think everyone should be more concerned the salts, fats, and definitely the GMO qualities of the food rather than calories… but I love your show anyway Sarah. 🙂

  • I think people should be a lot less focused on calorie content and more with salt and saturated fats.

  • My favorite fast food restaurant is Chick-fil-A. Their grilled chicken sandwich is only 310 calories and it has 29 grams of protein. 

  • "Everyone wants to be skinny."
    Uhm no. Some of us want to be fit and healthy. Huuuge difference.

  • If the calorie information is from the fast food restaurant themselves I'm not sure I'd trust it. I think they'd always be talking about a 'best case scenario,"

  • love love love all the videos in the last days! keep them coming 😉 Happy Holidays Sarah!

  • I would never recommend chicken mcnuggets…..there's some disgusting ingredients in there. Yuck. Love your channel though (:

  • This is a great idea! I'm a healthy eater BUT sometimes I find myself having to eat fast food out of convenience my fave is the soft chicken tacos at Taco Bell

  • preparing meals at home is obviously better than fastfood (tuna sandwich, shirmp pita pocket/salad,soups, oatmeal, etc..u get the point..

  • MY fastfood ideas would be..Subway sandwiches 6", Panda Express stir fry chicken/brown rice, Wendys value menu  salads, chili, Pizza places-1 slice like veggie pizza or side salad 

  • Chickfila is my favorite for fast food. Their salads are really good and can be low calorie if you opt for the grilled chicken and limit your dressing… and some toppings come separate so you don't have to eat them.

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