Low Calorie Dessert Nachos | Meal Prep For Dummies !

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  • sopapilla 😍😍 have to try it this way though with the chocolate and PB yuuummm

  • just binge watched all your videos.. and i have found my new fav <3 your personality is so uplifting and hilarious, you always have good workout and food tips… watching one video gets you like 5 new recipes. im so excited to follow the rest of your journey<3

  • Your tattoo is in Arabic, right? What does it say? I love meal prepping too. It's so simple and fast. I actually prefer to have a consistent meal plan throughout the week so that I'm consistent. Also food is too expensive outside and I'm saving electricity cooking in bulk lol.

  • Dessert nachos, meal prep while I am fasting and doing cardio hahaha i am definitely going to have this tonight ❤️❤️ loving everything about you as a person and and athlete everyday a bit more! Keep it up and always so real and geniuine

  • Can't belive I wasn't subscribed to your channel!! Love it 😉
    I just started my fitness journey and you are just "fitness goals"!! Some day, just patience and compromise (and hard work) for now 🙂

  • I love your creative food 😀 Do you ever eat rice cakes? I never see them on your channel, just wondering. Personally, I like corn cakes, or corn waffles, basically the same as rice cakes but made with corn…tastes like (bland) popcorn 😀 but can be very good with the right toppings!

  • That was hilarious, why go see drake when you can listen to Jones rap, lol! And I definitely am going to try those nachos!

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