Low-Calorie Density Meals for Weight Loss ♥ What I Ate Today

In this video, I show you everything I ate today on a low calorie density (plant based) diet. I lost 25 pounds eating this way without counting calories and recommend it for anyone who is sick of portion controlling and weighing / measuring your meals.

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What Is Calorie Density and how does it help you lose weight?
Simply put, calorie density is the number of calories in a given volume of food. Certain foods have more calories packed into them – pound for pound – than others. That means each food has its own caloric density. Fresh tomatoes, for example, have just 90 calories per pound. Bagels are packed with more than 1,200 calories per pound. (Get the idea? With each bite of bagel, you’re taking in 13 times as many calories as each bite of tomato.) source: pritikin.com

The Stevia I Love:
This is the Blender I use:


The Starch Solution by Dr. John McDougall:
The Pleasure Trap by Dr. Doug Lisle and Dr. Alan Goldhamer:
The Potato Hack by Tim Steele:
The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss by Chef AJ:

I Recommend You Watch This: Dr. Lisle’s ‘How to Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind’:

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  • Do you use instant pot or air fryer?

  • sweet potato & black beans ??? won't you fart the whole day???

  • How do you roast your food without any oil?

  • Melissa, do you eat the full can of Black Beans or chickpeas for a meal ? Thanks.

  • What is the title of the song at the end..like spanish guitar..? Very nice.👍

  • One cookie? Ha! I could never do that!
    I love oatmeal for dessert! You have great ideas. Thanks for helping people

  • Mellisa in Tamil meaning, lean

  • I literally love your channel nd everything you eat! You are my inspiration 🥰

  • Can I ask – are your principles from Dtr Mcdougals The Starch Solution?

  • I’m diabetic. How does that work

  • You are such an inspiration! I love eating huge portions so I love eating this way!!!

  • Absolutely love your videos! Just discovered your channel 😄

  • Thanks for the video. I wanted to see the calorie count in these meals so I could see how to adjust it to my own day to day caloric intake.

  • I see most days you start with a smoothly. I think it is safe to assume it fills you up, I find I am just hungry shortly after, so I stick to oats for brekkie.

  • Do you follow a gym workout plan that you do along with eating a whole food plant based diet?

  • Thank you as always for sharing and giving your insight and a lot of inspiration 🙌😍😋 Love from Johanne, Norway

  • Yum! I’m going to add meat/dairy to these for more protein but I love the ideas.

  • Great informative video! And I love these recipes! Thank you SO much!!!

  • Great videos and content~ love the easy meal ideas..thanks! As a full fledged carnivore who has quite a bit of weight to lose, I started this way of eating (Starch Solution) about 6 weeks ago and not only do I feel so much better & have more energy, but my body is also letting go of the weight! I also love the background music you have on this one. (If you remember, would you mind to share the artist(s), and specific album-cd/tracks?)

  • Hi Melissa! I'm a "high volume eater" too, and I really like the content you create. Even though YOU are the one that usually gives us inspiration and ideas for our meals, I would like you to try a cold soba noodle platter: it's a dish where cold soba noodles are the put in the center, and all around that you can put things like blanched spinach, edamame, tofu, grated carrots, sliced cucumber, nori seaweed, avocado, purple cabbage, soybean sprouts, shiitake, sweet corn etc … everything should be prepared without salt, because at the moment of serving you are going to pour over everything a savoury sauce made with: vinegar, soy sauce or aminos, a liquid sweetener of your choice, sriracha or another hot sauce and some ginger and garlic powder. To be honest, sometimes I add a teaspoon of toasted sesame seeds or a few drops of sesame oil, because I really like the nutty taste and you really need a veeeery TINY amount to make everything nice and "sesame-y" 💞

  • I love this so, so much. Thank you. Please make more recipe videos like this. I need it this simple.

  • My daughter's middle name is Alexandria as well ❤ I enjoy watching your videos!

  • This is the best lifestyle/diet that I have ever done. I lost 45lbs eating a clean diet, but I was counting calories and I was always hungry. I am never hungry now that I'm eating like this and I don't have to count or weigh anything🤩😍😍

  • I am new subscriber to your channel and have been 95% vegetarian my entire life (not vegan as I still once in a while eat yogurt, goat/feta cheese, and ghee).

    After watching a few of your videos, You have motivated me to give your way of eating a try. So thank you!

    Said that, I was wondering if you have a video where you give a comprehensive grocery list for beginners. I would appreciate if you could point me to that as then I can just use that as a guide initially and get started. Thanks in advance!

  • Wow thanks Melissa 🌿💐💐💯👌
    To the ones that complained about the blandishments meals in this video: SPICES ARE NO CALORIES SO ADD WHAT YOU NEED FOR "YOU" AGAIN FOR "YOU". USE HER RECIPES AS INSPIRATION FOR YOUR PERSONAL MEALS…IM A SPICY RURAL COUNTRY CHIC FROM EAST TEXAS TRUST ME : your body is your temple take what's needed and leave what is NOT..so, this isnt to BASH anyone but, exercise SELF common sense in your weight loss goals..research n put into practice your knowledge.
    Again Melissa thank you so much I enjoy your videos contents and know YOU can't please everyone n DO NOT Allow any negativity test in your beautiful ladybug SELF..love your look🥰💐

  • I been vegan since January 2020 and love how I feel , but i have done wholefoodplantbase ,no oil or nuts for a month and love how I feel. I really enjoy watching your videos they help so much, thank you 😊

  • Loved your video as always! Thanks for addressing the tahini issue again. I am being 100% compliant with starch solution maximum weight loss except for tahini, but I’m still getting results, so I’m gonna keep eating it bc it makes me so happy. I may have even faster results if I give it up, but I’d rather be happier. Ha ha

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