Low Calorie Cabbage and Cauliflower Soup in the Instant Pot~WFPB Vegan

This is a really simple fat free, low calorie cabbage, cauliflower and veggie soup in the Instant Pot. It is whole food plant based and salt, oil and sugar free. Enjoy!

Although I made this in the Instant Pot, you could always use a slow cooker or stove top to prepare it. This is the Instant Pot I use:

I adopted a HCLF Plant Based lifestyle in January 2017, with the goal of getting off my blood pressure medication. After watching Forks over Knives and finding Dr. McDougall, I knew the Starch Solution was right for me. I met my medication free goal in November 2017, not just omitting blood pressure medication, but ALL prescription medication! I am now off two medications for blood pressure, one for cholesterol, one for heart disease, and three for pain. Follow along as I continue to loose weight and cook wonderful plant based food for my family. It really is all about the food!

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  • I've never added cauliflower or purple cabbage to my chicken and veggie stoups (thicker than just soup) so ran across your video looking for ideas. I'm cooking my frozen chicken thighs right now in my Instant Pot and then I will cut it up and put it back in with green cabbage, broccoli, onion, carrots, canned diced tomatos, kale, but because you threw in purple cabbage and cauliflower, so am I. But I use chicken broth and not water to cook everything in. Everything is organic if it needs to be (not every fruit/veggie needs to be organic). So, I'll see how it turns out with the purple cabbage and cauliflower added when my Intstant Pot is finished. Wish me luck! P.S. You look like you'd be fun to hang with! Enjoyed your video.

  • I'm making this now! Thank you. Came in handy cauliflower won't last much longer in the fridge. Still has lots of white ones though. Thanks for all that you do to help us Plant-Based people!

  • Awesome. You inspired me with this recipe. I'll make it for tomorrow's dinner.

  • I got to tell you – you make cooking look so easy! Your food always looks so good too! Thanks for sharing.

  • I didn't know Ollie's carried food items (spices)! We have one but I've never been in there. Thanks for the tip, soup looks great!

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