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Ingredients for Bodybuilding Style Honey Chicken :
Chicken Breast Cubes -150 Grams
Coconut Oil -5 Grams (Optional)
Ginger Garlic – 1 Tsp
Salt – Desired on Taste
Pepper – 1 Tsp
Soya Sauce – 1/4 Tsp
Chilly Sauce – 1 Tsp
Honey -1 Tsp
Corn Starch – 2Tsp (Optional)

And You need a weighing scale to Calculate all the Measurements so you can calculate the calories!!

Macros for Bodybuilding Style Honey Chicken :
Protein : 25
Carb : 6
Fats :7
Calories : 187


How To make Bodybuilding Style Honey Chicken :

Step 1 : Take a Chicken Breast Cubes of 150 Grams!

Step 2 : Place a Non Stick Pan on the Stove and Make sure flame is set to medium high !Once the pan is hot add 5 grams of coconut oil !

Step 3 : And you don’t have to wait till the pan is extremely hot! Just wait for the moderate heat and add your Ginger Garlic Paste .Once when you add the Paste!!You can add your Chicken Cubes and set to flame to full high !!Since we are using chicken cubes ,it is going to cook real fast! So make sure you keep all the ingredients next to you!!

Step 4:Once the chicken is halfway cooked ,Add your Salt and Pepper!!Don’t overpower the pepper!!Just add a pinch or may be less than that!!

Step 5: Add the Soya ,Chilly Sauce according to your taste !Once the Flavor is well absorbed ,add little bit of honey !

Step 6:To Finish it off add Cornstarch to Bing Everything and some chopped coriander leaves

Take out of the pan and serve it on a Plate or Bowl!!Nonquestion’s Asked !!Enjoy the Meal!!

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