LEAN GIRL Low Calorie Tiramisu Recipe – High Protein 240 Calories 😍

Feast your Italian dessert lovin’ eyes on this my girls!!

What’s not to love about combining coffee, alcohol and dessert right?

Coming at you with a brand new Lean Girl meal makeover today where I’ve managed to transform the traditional high calorie, super decadent Tiramisu into a guilt free, high protein LEAN GIRL approved version with all the real deal feels!!

1 regular slice of Tiramisu comes in at over 600 calories thanks to a helluva lot of cream and mascarpone cheese! 😱 This is totally okay if you want to work it into your calorie budget – but it’s not something we could pack away every night right?

Well, until now πŸ₯³

I’ve managed to get this down to less than half the calories plus pack in a fair amount of protein to make this babe macro friendly enough to have for breakfast! At just 240 calories and 26g of protein for a pretty huge portion – this will keep you going for a good few hours – thanks to not only the protein but the coffee too 😎

It’s also been simplified a ton from the original recipe so it will take you less than 5 mins to make and there’re only a few ingredients you’ll need to grab before the other lean girls do 😜

Enjoy my girls and don’t forget to tag me on instagram – I love to see you putting these recipes to the test!!!

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