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Hi guys, I know that KFC recently reopened some of their stores (2020 lockdown) and I wanted to provide a short video that shows you can create a KFC fakeaway (including KFC GRAVY!) for less than 8 syns per serving. This was also a great meal to sit down and enjoy with my family, so get the family involved too!

I used the LoDough Southern Style seasoning mix – SWSARAH will get you 10% discount:

For the chip seasoning, I used the Spicentice chip kit – SARAHMAY will get you 20% discount:

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Per serving – there are 7.5 syns for the chicken, gravy and reduced fat coleslaw (presuming you have 100g of coleslaw). If you are interested in the breakdown of this value, see:

Lo dough southern fried seasoning mix – the whole bag is 150g – for the whole bag its 364.5 calories which is 18 syns (using the 20 calories is 1 syn rule, this isn’t always the most effective as lots of times the food we are consuming also has “free” foods) – the whole bag fed 6 people which equates to 3 syns per serving. I used the syn estimator using the online nutritional values and this equated 6 syns for the whole package as I added that there were free foods within the ingredients (herbs/spices etc.) – so decide which way you want to measure it or calculate it for yourself. Either way it is still a low calorie/low syn flavouring which is delicious.

KFC Fakeaway Gravy – the whole recipe has 24 syns since there are 10 syns for the flour and 14 syns for the butter, but this makes up so much! There are at least 8 generous servings created which means that each serving only has 3 syns. Not back for a satisfying gravy in the grand scheme of things, eh?

Additional syns – the Tesco reduced fat coleslaw is 3.5 syns per 100g. All other sides are free – including the chips!

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