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  • I was told you should only eat the plain salt ones. I hate coffee, what do you use in your green tea?

  • Those hot and spicy pork rinds have monosodium glutamate…MSG spikes insulin. Probably best to use unflavored pork rinds for keto.

  • Lemon water over soda for life. I’m generally not a soda person except the occasional one every few months but warm lemon water will save your life, also try airborne, they have lightly bubbly tablets but are sooooo good for you!

  • Keep your calorie intake to 500 per meal for three meals. And make the pork rinds one meal.

  • Check this my friend, i think you are off track a bit! This is a great experiment video on diet cola that might change your mind!!!

  • I’m dealing with a Keto diet this was very helpful thanks for this video!
    Keep in touch

  • Love the vinegar & salt pork skins.

  • Where are your results? it's been a yr and you had alot to say about what to drink and what not to drink on keto so we need to see results.

  • 1:07 comment MATE- DROP SODA ALL TOGETHER! Doesn't matter if its artificial sugar free crap or full sugar etc… drop them!

  • im not a doctor and im certainly not a lawyer

  • Ed

    Your body doesn't know the difference between sugar, saccharine, or honey. It will spike your insulin. No drinks like that, Stay hydrated on keto diet. Drink lots of water and you can have sparkling water to give you the feeling of soda…NO SUGAR!

  • I think this is how I stalled too! Coke zero and pork rinds! Dang it! Bbq ones are good😁

  • I also stalled while drinking diet sodas, and it doesn't take much.
    My brother gave me a Soda Stream, which i highly recommend — stock up on the CO2 cartridges.
    I like to fizz up teas like Red Zinger and Chai, with just a pinch of Stevia. I don't like a lot of Stevia, because it doesn't taste like sugar, but a hint of sweetness works.
    I'm sure you can fizz up your keto coffee, too — just remember the bottles are NOT dishwasher friendly (it's a racket: wreck the bottle, buy more).

  • I knocked out of keto last night I think it was the extra dark chocolate.

  • Look up Fredrick Stare for how the food industry and academia messed us up. It has to stop, we have to spread the word. Doctors need to throw their ego and start being opened minded.

  • When the government suggests I do something, I do the exact opposite. I don't trust the government at all for anything.

  • Thanks.
    By the way I just tested my blood glucose levels after having some pork skins
    here it is

  • there's such a small amount of artificial sweetener inside diet drinks that I highly doubt they would have any direct effect on your diet other than your perception of being full or hungry perhaps, because it's just not a large enough amount of material to affect your body in direct manner. If there is any effect from it, i'd say it's a mental one, like making your brain think it should be receiving sugar when it didn't, or something along those lines.

  • Within 3 weeks I lost 23 lbs and have been stalled out for 6 weeks. What the heck? Just can’t understand suggestions?

  • I have the same problem with pork rinds and nuts. I try to only use them for additives for meals. Pork rinds as a bread crumb sub and nuts for fat bombs or something. I have a really hard time with diet sodas…I am extremely addicted. I am working on it. ☺

  • I’m a new subscriber. Like your videos but I see the two I’ve seen are about a year old. I’ll look for some newer ones. Thanks for sharing. 🤗

  • Sounds like you are taking in more fat than your body is able to burn off. Knocking off the pork rinds is a good start. Maybe try halving your bulletproof coffee fat and see if that carries you through the stall. I had to give up on pork rinds too, because I also can plow through a bag in a single sitting.

  • Did you ever try Bang? Did it kick you out of Ketosis?

  • Try Powerade Zero instead of Diet Soda

  • In my 5 weeks on Keto I've had one Monster. I don't drink diet soda at all; it's disgusting. I am so driven to lose weight I simply will not cheat. I've been KILLING the pork skins though:)

  • I found soda sweetened with stevia zieta very good

  • I crushed through 3/4 of a bag of pork rinds over the course of watching this video. They just dissolve into a thin gel that takes up almost no space your stomach. They're almost dangerously addictive.

  • awesome, clear & concise content

  • My husband loves pork rinds- he's already thin but still lost 9.4lbs in his first week of keto and ate pork rinds.
    I drink a Coke zero once a day and my weight and inches continue to drop. Is it completely healthy? No. But it's a lot healthier than where I was before keto.

  • Can I still lose weight if I keep it at 20 grabs of carbs a day and 1 diet Coke a day ?

  • Thank you. I have been struggling with carb cravings for the first time since starting keto eating. I also started drinking diet soda again, but i swear i drank it when i first first started a year ago and i didn't bother me. I cut down to one can the last 2 days and it is night and day difference. Soon to be off it 100%. I need caffiene tho! Not a coffee drinker 🤔😣

  • I've been on the keto diet for a week and started feeling so much better…. Until yesterday. I drank 2 large diet Dr Peppers thru the day. I felt bad for the rest of the day. Sluggish, achy, in a bad temper. Drank a lot of water with a bit of salt and lemon all evening and thru out the night. Starting to feel better, but was confused as to what happened. Now I suspect the diet soda got me. Thanks for the information.

  • the whole bag of the one you are holding is well over 1000, probably 2000, it is huge. 18 grams is 110 calories. no wonder you arent losing fat if you dont know what you are eating in terms of calories.

  • I could literally live off of Bakenets hot 'n spicy pork rinds

  • I;ve noticed for a long time that diet soda makes me hungry. I also drink it for the carbonation. I'm kicking a beer habit. after that I'm quitting the diet soda.

  • sodas are pure poison surprised ppl dont know that by now

  • I started Keto a few months ago. I cut out the carbs and sugar the first week but still drinking diet pepsi. I lost 9lbs the first week. Over the course of six weeks I lost 10lbs more. I was craving sugar and was told to eat strawberries and sugar free whipped cream. I did this and stayed at 160 lbs for over one month. After cutting this out I dropped down to 155lbs in about one month. Still drinking diet soft-drinks. I too love the bubbles. So hard to give up. But still loosing weight. I also eat 4 pieces of Hershey special dark chocolate each morning to curb the craving. This might be stalling me but am waiting to see. Check out some of the videos on here about soft drinks and keto. One said no one said yes. So who knows. But just in case water is the very best. Mix a little 100 percent grape juice in the water. Not enough to break diet but to make it taste better. But anyway I'm still eating the pork rinds and drinking soft-drinks but still loosing weight just slowly. But great job and video. Thank you for uploading this and best of luck.

  • I applaud you for wanting to lose weight. That said, however, a ketosis diet is pointless. All diets are pointless. there is nutritionally loaded food and there is nutritionally void food. Read the book how not to die. And also be aware that it's not about making you happy it's not about making your tongue happy all the time. There's an incredible body of science about what is nutritional and what is not. About what causes arterial sclerosis and what doesn't. About what causes diabetes, heart disease, and will rob you 30 years of your life. it's complicated it's hard science. Why not simply go to and watch one of their videos every time you have lunch, or dinner. Start to learn what real food is and turn your back on gimmicks for the rest of your life. There is no one type of diet or solution. Eating is the most intimate and complex relationship we have with life and the planet we live on. If you're going to take it seriously you better bone up for the real work. Suggested reading list, and these make great audiobooks, Eat to Live, how not to die, the end of dieting, super immunity, basically anything you could find on or by the author dr. Fuhrman. Dr. Greger on has laid out the science for you, and dr. Fuhrman in his excellent books has laid out an approach that will make this complex science possible for you. There are and always have been doctors of this kind. Responsible people who actually understand nutrition. You do not need to join the generation who will die 30 years younger than their grandparents did. Live long and prosper I wish you the best of luck.

    PS I eat like a hog three times a day. As much as I want of the things I've learned to love and enjoy. I'm 65 years old, I weigh 163 pounds I exercise three times a day, I am on no medications of any kind. Perfect blood pressure perfect weight for my 6-foot frame. Join me it is fantastic. Eat to Live, don't live to eat.

  • Still. Can you gain weight eating pork grinds?

  • How about a carb refeed once every two weeks

  • Caffeine being really healthy for You?

  • I drink sparkling mineral water spiked with lime or lemon juice. It kills the soda cravings.

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