KETO Taste Test: Pork Rinds!

Hey, Folks!

Today, I brought in my fiance to help me find the best Gas Station / Walmart pork rind snack! Pork rinds are a great snack option for the keto / ketogenic diet because they are lower calorie and very low carb!





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  • He's handsome. You should have him in more videos. Do more of the taste tests with him.

  • Epic makes excellent pork rinds various flavor but you probably can’t get them at a gas station.

  • Freshly prepared pork rinds from the Latino markets are my fave. πŸ˜€ Give those a try if you haven't. πŸ‘ Thanks for the fun video.

  • I'm Mexican and we eat them like chips with salsa πŸ‘

  • The Muscle is suuuuch a good sport!!

  • Oh how I tired! Yuck! I just do not enjoy/like pork grinds….πŸ˜–

  • My favorite it Mac's original. My dogs love them too. πŸ• Great grain free dog treat.

  • It sucks in Canada we dont have flavored pork rinds, only plain and of course baken ets are the best

  • I used to eat hot Cheetos with cream cheese. Now I eat pork rinds and use them to scoop a mixture of cream cheese and chili garlic sauce by the people that make sriracha. Try it, oh so good.

  • Muscle did a food job on this review πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • I'm curious as to what brands of jerky you enjoy as well! πŸ™‚ Loved the video this helped me find some new flavors of pork rinds at the store today.

  • ASMR! Thanks for the crunch vlog Ally! Loved it! Ally you have try the salt and vinegar dry rub wings at Wing House or even I think maybe at Buffalo Wild Wings. Low carb and delicious!

  • C R

    Mac's is my favorite pork rinds, the Baken-ets are a close second. So this test didn't surprise me! πŸ™‚

  • Had to break out the pork rinds before round 1 was even over, lolπŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ I personally like HEB brand for the lite n fluffy ones, but my favorite is Mac's Golden Cracklin's πŸ˜πŸ’–

  • (I think this is the video where you mention "liquid keto"..which I have wanted to do short-term)
    From Mind Over Munch, here are some FREE keto smoothies

  • Wallace's! That's my favorite brand.

  • Thank you for the taste test. I’ll have to try the Baker-Ets. Keto Chow would be my go to for all liquid diet.

  • You NEED to try Mutt and Jeffs pork rinds they are the best. I don't know if they are just local in the southeast. The salt and vinegar is so tasty.

  • You’re engaged?!?!?!?! So happy for you! I noticed your ring in another video and wondered if that was an e-ring! Congratulations!

    Just wondering-how did your fiancΓ© get the nickname β€œThe Muscle?” I know you are a teacher, what does he do for a living?

    I’ve noticed lately that you are much more flamboyant in your more recent videos than compared to when you started your channel! Im loving it!

  • great vid. yeeees, Baken ets are the best. Also, I think it is more real that the 2 of you don't have the same exact taste, that's why there are different brands, for everyone's different taste. My husband and I love Baken Ets. but if we can't find them at the gas station then we go to walmart or Aldis for more inferior pork rinds. oh and Hi Mr. Muscle you did great.

  • Is there a substitute for pork rinds if you don't eat pork? I've had Whisps, but think they are too expensive.

  • Macs BBQ is my favorite but will have to look for the salsa and sour cream.

  • Mac's is the best imo. Too each their own! πŸ™‚ Great video. It was good to see muscles, I hope he's in more videos.

  • I recently found Mac's pork rinds at Wal-Mart and the salt& vinegar are my absolute favorite. Plus the spicy buffalo are great too πŸ’œ
    I've also found that pork rinds may taste different simply because of their price/quality.
    Mac's are $1.78.
    Kroger brand is $1.25.
    Baken-ets are $2.00

  • Sometimes the Hot N Spicy Baken-ets are really spicy, and sometimes they aren't that spicy. I like a good BBQ pork rind : ) …Awesome video you two, thanks for the info

  • KETO SUCKS. It's a horrific way to live. It's also asinine to say "I am Keto". So what. You just made a choice to eliminate an entire food group from your diet. RIDICULOUS. MORONIC.
    Going into ketosis has ZERO to do with the weight loss and how you feel. It has to do with generally lowering your calories.

    Funny, there are people melting weight off eating just one meal a day and eating whatever the hell they want. What does that mean, you stupid moronic keto sheep? It means ONE thing matters: CALORIES. That's IT. All you have to do to lose weight is determine your caloric needs, and eat at a deficit. THAT'S IT. You don't need Keto or the South Beach Diet or any other ridiculous way of eating.


    Here it is, so TAKE NOTES. If you follow this you will lose weight and be able to eat whatever you want.

    (1)Determine your caloric needs. There are plenty of calorie calculators out there. My fitness pal will calculate it for you too.
    (2)Speaking of my fitness pall – GET IT. USE IT. Every single day. Track every calorie that goes into your mouth
    (3)EAT ONCE A DAY at the same time every day if you can. Doesn't matter when
    (4)Eat WHATEVER you want, but if you are trying to lose weight eat 200 to 300 calories under your deficit.
    (5)Do moderate cardio 5-6 days a week for 45 minutes

    That's it. Literally. It's easy. It's simple. And it is HOW WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE EATING. We shouldn't be grazing or snacking AT ALL. You should eat ONCE. That's it. Can I drill this into you people any clearer?

    Do not eliminate carbs or fruits or almost all veggies like these keto and carnivore morons. ENJOY FOOD.

  • Such a cute couple 😍

  • What i would like to know is what kind of oil are these fried in?

  • Have you ever noticed how a freshly opened bag of pork rinds smells like a dog's butt? Just sayin…

  • Bakenets has a sweet southern heat bbq pork rind that I have only found at 1 gas station. It's really good. I would love them to make a doritos or cheetos flavored pork rind, I miss them!

  • I wish they sold Epic pork rinds at the gas station!! I found them at World Market and Whole Foods, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Salt and Pepper and the BBQ ones.

  • Look for Mutt and Jeff mustard flavored… I am FROM sC too so you should be able to find it.

  • it was so nice to see The Muscle! I havent seen salt n vinegar yet… i'm on the hunt! i don't care for traditional either, not for snacking, but its all i use when i want to "bread" something!

  • Brims Brand Pork Rinds are actually very good. I get it at Dollar Tree. I actually like it as cereal; 3oz pork rinds, 6oz almond milk, a pack or two of Truvia and cinnamon. So good! Tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Sometimes I also add sugar free chocolate/pancake syrup and 10 grams almonds and Lily’s chocolate.

  • b k

    I get the clancy's brand from aldi's because it's "clean" (just pork skin and salt) and it's 1.99 for a 7 serving bag. It goes along well with guac, etc and it's a good to go

  • I really like the Mac’s (Walmart has a giant box with an assortment of single servings) that help me with impulse control πŸ˜‚ Baken-ets hot&spicy are soooo good!! Just tried those.
    BUT!!! You HAVE to try the Epic salt & pepper β€” omg they are light & crispy and amazing. A little spendy, but def the best. 4505 brand were also good. Thanks for the review! πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Not fun!!!! Make better vids!

  • You haven't had pork rinds until you buy the pork skin pellets and fry them yourself! It's a way better value and they're amazing!!!

  • I prefer πŸ’΅ 🌳 Brims brand pork rinds

  • In Texas, HEB has HEB brand Chili Lime. I will try the Salt and Vinegar, but so far Chili Lime is all I like.

  • I look at labels all the time now. What I've found is that the flavored ones (barbeque…etc) normally have MSG in them. 99.9% of all fast food restaurants add MSG to their food. Yep… light bulb moment. They say it enhances the flavor….hmmmm. Where that may be true, MSG also have addictive qualities which makes you want more and it shuts off that "full" feeling in your stomach. Bad stuff that MSG. Dr. Mercola says, "Consider MSG, which is added to 80 percent of all flavored foods. MSG excites the part of your brain that's in charge of your fat metabolism and storage, and has even been shown to scar the hypothalamus gland, inducing what is known as hypothalamic obesity. So while MSG is most known for its excitotoxic properties, it's also used to fatten up mice in scientific studies. Yes, MSG is the perfect obesity drug."

  • Loved this vid! ❀️

  • Watch the carbs in some of the flavored rinds… and sodium…. both very bad!

  • Good to see you both πŸ’— Thanks for sharing

  • I went to about 8 gas stations and mom and pop stores looking for Mac's. Couldn't find them. All they have is Baken-ets. Looked online and saw they have them at Walmart. Have to make a trip over there.The salt and vinegar sound good.

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