Jon Benson – Eat Every Other Day Diet

So if you’ve been researching Jon Benson’s Eat Every Other Day Diet, then you know that it has been helping people reach their weight loss goals since 2004. The concept of confusing your body’s metabolism by varying your calorie intake from day to day has proven to help you lose weight consistently opposed to reducing your daily calorie intake alone. More times than not when you start a diet, you end up quitting a few weeks or months into it–but why? Is it that your schedule changed and you had to put your diet and exercising on the back burner for a while? Maybe. Perhaps you lost motivation and started putting your diet and exercise routines off for another day.

In most cases, when people fail at a diet or an exercise program it is because the program wasn’t a good fit for them. It might have been too demanding and once you get to a point where you realize it–you lose motivation. That is why Jon Benson’s Eat Every Other Day Diet is different than any other diet and exercise program out there. Instead of starting a diet strong and cutting down your calorie intake every day, this program encourages you to eat foods high in protein on one day to help burn calories faster and then eat foods you love on the other days!

This is good for two reasons:

1.) By switching your calorie intake from low to high every day, you confuse your metabolism and train it to constantly work harder to burn calories everyday, resulting in you burning more calories while you are enjoying pizza, pasta, or whatever you want!

2.) Instead of starving yourself or switching to nothing but healthy foods, you can switch days and have foods you love along with high protein foods. So with a daily exercise routine you can lose more weight while having every other day be a cheat day!

The only thing not to confuse with this program is that even though you can eat WHAT you want every other day, you can’t eat HOW MUCH you want! This point, as obvious as it may seem, can very easily be overlooked…especially when it comes to your favorite foods. Luckily with Jon Benson’s Eat Every Other Day Diet, you can use the SNAPP feature in the program to help you keep track of how much of what type of foods you can eat. This feature alone takes human emotion out of the mix and eliminates any guessing or confusion. That is why it is proven to work and has many successful testimonials since 2004 backing it up.

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