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Make perfect vegetable beef stew! This hearty beef stew recipe has what it takes to warm up a cold evening. Cornbread recipe video
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Beef stew is one of the most comforting and rich foods I can think of to have on a cold night. Put it all together in a pot and let it simmer for a couple of hours and you have one of the finest room perfumes known to man, as well. My mom always added tarragon to hers, and so I do that now. My grandma Hornsby always added turnips, and so do I, too. You may put pretty much any vegetables you like into your beef stew. Some that I didn’t use here, but that are delicious are corn kernels and/or peas added at the end with the green beans; cabbage cubed and added for the last 30 minutes or so; kale or spinach added right before serving; cooked beans are good, too, if you want to stretch the protein component of the stew.

Like any stew, this one improves with age. If you want to make it a day or three ahead of time and store it in the fridge, all the better. But I’ll toot my own stew horn and say that this is damn fine grub when eaten immediately, too. That is no lie. Serve this with buttermilk biscuits, sweet potato biscuits, or cornbread, or even just crackers if making a pot of stew is all you have in you today.

The amount of liquid you add depends on how thick a stew you like. I used 6 cups in the pot I made in the video and it was just the way I like it.
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