How to make a healthy + diet hotpot: tasty, low calorie (low sodium optional)

Makes 2 servings.

I usually eat it for lunch and dinner when I am trying to lose weight. This a very versatile recipe, which you can use almost any ingredients to make it fit to your taste. Instead of pork balls you can use any kind of substantial protein/carb. Preferably, less processed if possible if you are: eating this daily or trying to be as healthy as possible. The pork balls I am using is made up of 95% Australian ingredients, will change to raw meat or fish fillet slices if planning to eat for a long term. In the video, I put solid frozen goods first, veggies second and, tofu in last to make sure everything is cooked through. Your order of boiling may change depending on what other ingredients you use, but, as a general rule of thumb (if you do not know/hopeless/clueless about cooking) large/solid/frozen go in first, followed by vegetables that also need time to tenderised, followed by the softest quick to cook ingredients e.g. tofu. The only reason I added soft tofu after mixing in dashi/salt, is because if you stir the tofu with it, it fall apart because it is so delicate (if you are using firm/hard tofu you can avoid this and add it at the same time as the vegetables:) ) Salt was optional as some dashi and stock powders can be on the salty side, the dashi I used in the video was mainly 70% umami and 30% salt taste therefore, soup was lacking salt but, had strong umami taste to make up for it. This mainly is to help reduce sodium intake for those people wanted to achieve a low sodium diet, benefits include: reduce water retention and help you lose weight faster. As this is hotpot, you just eat the things out of the soup, but, you can definitely drink it if you want to (I usually just use some to help thin out the hotpot sauce.)

The hotpot sauce is also for two servings, I usually make one for the whole day. Peanut butter used is, high in monounsaturated fat, which is a healthy fat, personally, I would only recommend having the sauce only SOMETIMES, as it can be overly rich and the oyster sauce makes it really salty. Having a lot can make you gain weight, the only REASONS it is in the video is it is for those who cannot get over the concept of ‘plain boiled vegetables/or healthy food=bad tasting stereotypes’ or if you are just a sauce girl/guy (like me, basically it means you need to dip very food into sauce to make it taste better.) This sauce can help you slowly curb away that superstition (also slowly help you curb off much fattening sauces, ideally you can use it and then slow wean off it). It is also for one of the days, when you are just sick of eating the same thing over and over again, the sauce + whatever toppings you choose can be a lifesaver as you can mix up different favours to keep the taste/flavour interesting. By finishing up the meal with a bowl of yoghurt + honey and fruit, it can help address/cover other fats and vitamins that may be missing in hotpot.

If you read this far thank you for reading my long long rant, just wanted to clear up some questions that I could not fit into the video itself. All of this advice/detail (mainly personal, I am not an expert) is for those who are very serious about losing weight and want to eat healthier. I hope my insight/advice can be a small helping hand to your weight lost/healthier lifestyle journey.

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