How Beer Makes You Fat

Men constantly joke about having that “old beer gut.” That large tire shaped bulge where their lean 6 pack may have formally resided. While men joke and complain they still can’t pull themselves away from their love of beer. If you ask one of these joking men how exactly does beer make you fat you might get part answers or nothing at all for a reply. There is a scientific reason why beer makes you fat and it may not exactly be what you may have imagined.

There are a number of factors at work when you consider why beer makes you fat. The first factor being that beer contains alcohol. Alcohol has been proven to prevent the metabolism from working properly, more importantly it slows down the metabolism. Even a minimal amount of alcohol can slow your metabolism for several days. During this time the foods that would have been used for energy are stored as fat instead. Not only do you gain weight but the consumption of alcohol prevents many of the vitamins and minerals that are necessary for our metabolisms to function properly.

When people consume beer it is in many instances up to a dozen at a time, and even more. A good number of drinkers can’t even remember how many they’d had when they awake the next morning for that matter. One thing you should consider is exactly how many calories you are potentially consuming at one time. For a 12 oz. can of beer you can consume anywhere between 100 calories such as in light beer and up to 200 calories or more for regular beer. If someone drinks 6 beer at one time for example, they are consuming anywhere from 600 – 1200 calories simply from drinking beer! People that love to go out and drink most of the weekend can gain 1 pound worth of calories simply from drinking.

There is also the association of food and beer. Many people who drink also get hungry for high fat foods. Pizza, cheeseburgers and foods of that sort are usually craved while drinking. Alcohol also lowers the blood sugar level in many people. When your brain begins receiving the message that your bloods sugar level is low it makes you crave foods high in sugar, resulting in even more additional unnecessary calories.

While beer is considered the big culprit when it comes to alcoholic beverages the fact is that all alcohol regardless of whether it comes from beer, wine or spirits has a negative effect on your metabolism and actually promotes weight gain. Beer is usually the targeted bad guy because it is the type of alcohol that it drank the most in mass quantities. Its high calorie content is also has a role to play. To suggest a man give up beer is an insane suggestion but a reduction of beer consumption in addition to drinking light beer in replacement of the regular beer may be a step in the right direction to saying good-bye to that beer belly.

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