Healthy Spanish-Style Pork Chops: Recipe Rehab TV Season 2 – Episode 7 Preview

Chef Richard and Chef Vikki compete to see who can rehab the Freidman’s Spanish-style pork chops without losing any of the Spanish flavor. Who will be able to match the taste without all the calories and fat? Tune in this Saturday morning on CBS to find out.

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  • Disgusting! What a contradiction!!! I don't care how many calories you trim off this dish pork is still the most unhealthy meat to date. This channel has lost its credibility as a healthy eating site.

  • Ehmmm…I'm from Spain and in my country we do not cook the pork chop like that…that's a bit unhealthy… Maybe it is a "Hispanic Style Pork Chop" and not "Spanish Style Pork Chop"… Having said that, I turned to a healthier and leaner vegan lifestyle a year ago so now one only thing comes to mind "poor pig :-("

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